Email is a lever widely used to prospect in B2B. However, in the end, there are few salespeople who exploit their full potential. Do you want Syria Email List prospecting email? Here are the 5 steps to follow. Attention, Email is not made to find prospects. Send an email with permission in B2B. This is a crucial point: 71% of B2B companies use Email to generate leads but it is not made for that. As you just saw in the illustration above, 69% of B2B decision-makers report a SPAM Email based solely on sender name and subject line. If your recipient does not know you and/or has not given you permission to send them emails, your commercial prospecting email will be useless.

It is then useless to recover Email addresses on the web, in business files, or worse to buy contact databases to send them prospecting emails. The B2B decision-maker receives an average of 20 sales prospecting emails each day. He is inundated with information and no longer accepts to receive communications that he has not requested. That was for the warning. Here are the 5 steps to follow to create an effective sales prospecting email. New call-to-action. Step Segment your base. For your sales prospecting email to be effective, you have to send the right message to the right person at the right time. In this process, it is essential to properly segment your database according to key criteria.

The reason is very simple

You can of course segment by field of activity, but that is not enough. You should also segment your contact base by goal and maturity level. Thus, you will be able to create a sales prospecting email that deals precisely with the objective of your prospect and answers the questions that he may ask himself according to his position in the purchase journey. The Marketing department here can support you through the work of Persona. Step Take care of the header of your sales prospecting email. As we have seen in the preamble, the B2B decision-maker sorts very strictly the commercial prospecting emails he receives. It is limited to the name of the sender and the subject.


To create an effective B2B sales prospecting email, you must first take care of the sender name. I recommend that you put your First Name + Last Name or your First Name + Last Name of your company here. Then, you must work on an object that is impactful and that encourages your recipient to open your prospecting email. Thus, rather than writing a subject like “Proposal for an appointment”, favor an Email of the type “Our exchange around * putting the challenge of your prospect. Do you get the idea? Want to Write the Perfect Prospecting Email? Download our Checklist! Step Bring value to your prospect. Writing an effective B2B sales prospecting email brings value to your prospect.

It is twofold in fact

Describing your services or worse, proposing a presentation appointment is not relevant. Unless your prospect is in the Decision phase of the buying journey below. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. If your prospect is in the Awareness or Consideration phase, you must offer them in your sales prospecting email to view content that answers the questions that your prospect may have at their stage. Request the help of Marketing here to write the content you need to feed your prospects’ buying thinking. The key to a successful sales prospecting email: you don’t sell, you help! Step Personalize your message. A quality B2B commercial prospecting email is a personalized and contextualized email. It’s essential.

As we have seen, the B2B decision-maker is swamped with commercial emails. So you have to stand out and copy/paste doesn’t help. To attract and hold the attention of the decision-maker with your sales prospecting email, he must think that you wrote it for him and only for him. Not only include the recipient’s name or their company in your sales prospecting email but don’t forget to add contextual elements as well. Your commercial prospecting email must evoke the challenges/problems of your recipient and show him that you are the best person to solve them. Step Analyze your shipments. This is a crucial step but generally forgotten by salespeople since it occurs after sending your commercial prospecting email.

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