To gain more customers with your website, it is natural that you think you need to attract more visitors. It’s mathematical. But beware, too Kenya Email List to blow up the meters. And that is not a profitable approach. In order to make your website a customer machine, you must first and foremost attract qualified visitors. I like the numbers. The figures reassure me, they allow me to check that I am moving forward, that I am progressing. The same goes for our website. Initially, I took all possible and imaginable actions to attract more visitors to our website. Over time, I noticed that my efforts had a positive impact on the website.

Audience but that the increase in turnover was not proportional. I raised my head off the handlebars and made an inventory of our hearing. Over 50% of our visitors did not match our core target. Quantity is good, but without quality, there is no point in digital marketing. To generate leads and gain customers with your website, you absolutely need to attract qualified visitors. How to attract qualified visitors to your website? Here are the 5 steps to follow! To attract qualified visitors to your website, you need to know exactly who your target is. Beyond knowing his function, the type of company in which he works, or his sector of activity.

Define who your ideal customer is

It is essential to understand how your ideal client behaves on the internet, what are his problems, and how he seeks to solve them. You will be able to provide it with high added value content. This is the best way to attract customers on the Internet. To go further here. Before going any further, audit your website audience. With a tool like Google Analytics, you have the possibility of knowing how many people visit your website each month and who these visitors are. You can find out their geographical origin, age, field of activity, or centers of interest. With this information, you can validate the proportion of your visits that can bring you turnover.


Another important point, here you can identify the pages of your website that attract the most qualified visitors. This will allow you to refine your digital marketing strategy. Work on an editorial line that helps. To generate leads and win customers on the Internet in B2B, it is essential to help. On the Internet, you no longer sell. You help. The decision-maker uses the internet in his purchasing decision process to understand his problem, identify and compare himself the solutions available to him. Your editorial line must take this into account and you must regularly offer content on your website that answers the questions of the decision-maker. Hence the interest in working well on step 1 was seen previously.

Take stock of your audience

This makes it easier for them to successfully adopt an inbound marketing strategy. Some of these companies have already put a lot of effort and resources into creating content on the web and they don’t always get results. In this case, putting into practice an Inbound Marketing strategy is highly recommended. Otherwise, we recommend that you first try things on social networks and on your website, or get support from an experienced Inbound Marketing agency. Most of the time, the companies we support get many visits to their website or manage to gain engagement on social media but are not taking enough advantage of it. In short, they can’t get more leads and more sales despite their online efforts.

You have a minimum marketing budget. Inbound Marketing does not require a very high investment, but its implementation can represent a significant economic effort for a small business with a limited marketing budget. Between the definition of the strategy, the creation of content, and the investment in a marketing automation tool that allows you to convert your leads into customers, we believe that it is necessary to have a minimum marketing budget of 25,000 euros per year to achieve meaningful results. You have already tried things on the Internet. It is obvious that companies that have little or no digital literacy may have difficulty understanding the Inbound Marketing methodology. The companies we work with already have experience with content marketing projects or paid online campaigns.

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