But I see every day in the field that we are very far from it. The success of your lead generation strategy depends. Directly on Taiwan Email List of your ideal prospect. Before defining and implementing your lead generation strategy. You must inevitably determine what are the criteria that characterize your ideal prospect. Its demographic characteristics; Its demographic characteristics. It is simple: it starts from its function to reach its objectives and problems while passing by the size. The field of activity or the turnover of its company. His behavioral characteristics are the actions that your ideal prospect performs on your website or in relation to your communications.

Demographics will allow you to validate that your leads are qualified, behavioral characteristics that your lead is mature enough. Because yes, to be converted by a salesperson, a lead must be qualified and mature. As you will have understood, the lead generation strategy is carried out by marketing for the salesperson. It is therefore obvious that the two services must work together for your lead generation strategy to be successful. This is an essential prerequisite for the proper management of the leads generated and therefore their conversion into customers. Unfortunately, on the ground, the reality is often quite different. As we mention in the podcast below, there are often tensions between the 2 services.

Align marketing and sales

Aligning Marketing and Commerce is a sine qua non for setting up an effective B2B lead generation strategy. And which demonstrates that he is mature enough to make a buying decision. For this you have to work 3 things: Work together to define the typical profile of your ideal prospect seen previously; Set additional Marketing and Sales objectives; Write an SLA. The SLA is a document that formalizes the commitments between the two services. Clearly, the quality of your SLA directly impacts the performance of your lead generation strategy. Create content with high added value. We will talk about this in more detail later, but to attract the attention of the decision-maker.


In his purchase reflection – and to retain it! – it is essential to offer it content with high added value. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. The typical B2B buying journey is illustrated above. To generate quality leads, you must offer your target quality content that meets the expectations that the decision-maker has according to his position in this purchasing journey. To go further here, I suggest you consult our article presenting you how to properly understand the buying journey in B2B. Your mission to generate leads is therefore to create content that covers all the questions that your target asks themselves throughout this buying journey. Now that you have all the prerequisites.

Its behavioral characteristics

let’s get down to business and see the 5 steps to follow to implement an effective B2B lead generation strategy in practice. Validate that your Content is Suitable for Lead Generation thanks to a Free Audit with an Expert. Submit premium content offers. To generate leads on the Internet, you need to attract qualified visitors to your website and then entice them to leave you their contact details. There is no miracle recipe for this: you have to convince them to make this effort by offering them a matching reward. Providing a premium content offer is essential to conduct an effective B2B lead generation strategy. First, because it allows you to validate that the visitor is very active in his purchase thinking.

If you download our guide to successfully transitioning to B2B Inbound Marketing in 120 days, we can logically assume that you are mature on the subject and that you may need help defining and implementing it. implementation of your Inbound Marketing strategy. In short, you will be a good prospect for us. Your premium content offer must therefore allow you to validate the interest of a lead but also convince him to leave you his contact details. It must therefore provide convincing value. As part of a B2B lead generation strategy, your premium content offer can take various forms: white paper, webinar, checklist, market study, customer case, request for a demo, quote, etc.

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