With the Internet, the buyer has become fully autonomous in his purchase thinking and he takes Ukraine Email List salespeople. Generating qualified leads on the Internet is, therefore, a major stake for B2B marketing. I did say QUALIFIED leads. Commercial prospecting is no longer just the business of salespeople. Marketing has played a key role in the lead generation since the buyer has acquired the annoying habit of carrying out the majority of their purchase thinking on their own. The ideal scenario: Marketing generates qualified leads and the sales department converts those leads into customers. In reality, the picture is sometimes less rosy, isn’t it? Lead generation is often a source of tension.

Marketing generates leads that it passes on to salespeople. The salespeople fail to convert them and there it is. Marketing challenges the skills of salespeople and they criticize the leads that marketing gives them. Is this your case? It’s because your leads are not qualified! The problem is that generally, the two services do not collaborate. However, to generate qualified leads, it is essential that you agree with the sales department on what a qualified lead is. Your leads to customers’ conversion rate are not good. Are you generating marketing leads but having trouble converting them into customers? Again, it is because your leads are not qualified. To convert a lead into a customer, the salesperson must be able to offer them a personalized.

Your sales reps hate your leads

Clearly, the salesperson uses all the information at his disposal around the issues, challenges, and the context of the lead to make him a unique commercial proposition. The problem, if your leads are not qualified or mature enough, the equation YOU + YOUR OFFER + YOUR LEAD does not work! New call-to-action. Your leads no longer come back to your website. Before transmitting a lead to salespeople, you have to nurture your purchasing thinking to bring it to maturity. A lead only agrees to speak to a salesperson after having had a more or less precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. To nourish the thinking of your leads. You send them e-mails offering them to consult.


If they don’t view the content you send them and therefore no longer visit your website, don’t search, you aren’t generating qualified leads. The leads you convert turn into dissatisfied customers. This is the greatest danger for a B2B business. You generate leads that are not qualified but your salespeople manage to seduce them and convert them into customers. Behind, there is a great (bad) chance that your collaboration will go badly. Your customers are not satisfied? It is most certainly because the leads you generate are not qualified enough and therefore your offer does not perfectly match their needs. You do not have enough information to make a personalized proposal That he has the profile of your ideal client.

Here are 5 signs

An unqualified lead is a lead who doesn’t match your ideal customer profile, or a lead you don’t have enough information to know . To qualify a lead, you must be able to count on the forms that you integrate into your website. A form optimized for the generation of qualified leads is a form based on the criteria that characterize the ideal prospect. If you are unable to retrieve strategic information about your leads, your salespeople will not be able to make a sufficiently personalized business proposal. And there, either you lose the deal, or you sell at your own risk. Your Leads Are Not Qualified Enough? Make It Right in 120 Days by Switching to Inbound Marketing.

A qualified lead is a lead for whom you have all the information necessary to validate. The marketing department and the sales department.and contextualized experience. high value-added content on your website. B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking. When 90% of B2B decision-makers say they never answer a sales prospecting call, 61% start their buying thinking on Google. B2B lead generation stats. This change in behavior means that commercial prospecting is no longer just the business of the sales department. Marketing now plays a major role in the generation of Leads. Concretely, marketing must generate qualified and mature Leads and the sales department converts them. It is therefore essential to align marketing and sales to achieve your goals.

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