An error that we encounter very frequently and which degrades the performance indicators of your Emailing San Marino Email List contact base. Sometimes segmentation is non-existent. Often it is insufficient. In both cases, this impacts the return on investment of your Emailing campaigns. Creating effective B2B Emailing is not just about working on a design and a message. There are many other criteria to work on if you want to gain customers with your Emailing campaigns. One of them is segmentation. Relevant segmentation will allow you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Here are 5 segmentation criteria to take into account for a successful B2B Emailing campaign.

Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. The B2B buying journey is a 3-step journey. As you can see in the illustration above, the decision-maker first realizes that he is encountering a problem, he then looks for solutions and compares them, and then validates his decision. You naturally understand that the expectations of your contacts are not the same depending on whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. It is essential to take into account the position of your contacts in the buying journey for a successful B2B Emailing campaign. The type of business. Say your contact base only has business leaders. You tell yourself that they meet the same need and that you can therefore send them the same Emailing.

The position of contacts in the purchasing journey

A CEO does not have the same problems, does not meet the same challenges and in all cases does not experience them, in the same way, depending on the size of his company, his sector of activity, or even his turnover. It is essential here to determine the typical profiles of your ideal customers to perfectly segment your contact base and to succeed in your Emailing campaign. To create effective B2B Emailing and win customers, your messages must revolve around the pain points encountered by your contacts. It is essential here to segment your base in this process. Checklist – How to create an effective emailing. The geographic area. The geographic area is one of the most common segmentation criteria in B2B.

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By dividing your list by country or administrative region, you can use specific language terms and even some pretty deep context like weather references. You can also integrate regionalized visuals to bring real personalization to your mailings. His objectives vis-à-vis your business. A managing director and a key account sales manager do not have the same schedule, the same missions, and even less the same daily objectives. In this case, why send them the same Emailing? You are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Creating standardized B2B Emailings does not make sense. They are often perceived as too basic for your historical customers and mature prospects, far too specific for your new leads.

Lack of human and financial resources

You will see it by analyzing the performance indicators of your campaigns. For sure. By segmenting your contacts according to their main objective, you will be able to send them Emailings that perfectly meet their expectations. Create an emailing c send the right message to the right person at the right time. Behavior history. I see two things here: the purchase history of your customers and the behavior of your contacts on your website. Purchase history can allow you to segment your list to create effective Emailings aimed at retaining your customers. The nature of the purchase or the date are opportunities to be exploited. Likewise, segmenting your contact base based on behaviors on your website is a great way to create effective emailing.

Starting a blog and carrying out an Inbound Marketing strategy is the best option. Google sets the rules of the game and doesn’t mess around with those who break them. If you have practices that violate Google’s terms and conditions, your website may have suffered a penalty which explains why it no longer appears on the search engine. To check if your website suffers a penalty, you just have to go to Google Search Console seen previously. If this is the case, you will directly receive an alert message informing you of your penalty and the procedure to follow to lift it. Someone who visits your benefits page will not have the same expectations as someone who visits a few blog posts.

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