Your website must be your first source of B2B leads, the buyer being always more connected and autonomous. That’s not your situation? Got visitors but can’t convert them to leads? Here are the 5 most likely reasons. A contact Venezuela Email List is not enough. This is the story of a B2B company that invested several thousand euros in the creation of its website. Today, his website generates a few visits but it is not madness either. Yet the site is beautiful, regularly updated, and “M…. it cost an arm! Worse, the website does not generate contact requests. The return on investment is nonexistent. Do you recognize yourself in this story?

I’m not surprised, every week I meet B2B companies who are disappointed with their website. When I dig, I always see the same error: there is only a contact form on the “Contact us” page and sometimes a request for a demo or a quote in an additional menu. The problem here is that a visitor will only contact you in this way if they already have a very clear idea of ​​the solution they need. However, the vast majority of the time, the buyer is not mature in B2B, especially if you are an innovative or technological company. To convert your visitors into leads, you must inevitably offer them content against a completed form.

That will allow them to feed their buying thinking

Do you want to convert your visitors into leads? Switch to B2B Inbound Marketing by Downloading our Free Guide! The visitors you attract to your website are not qualified. This is a problem that we all encounter in B2B: we have visitors on our website but they do not correspond to our target. Having visitors to your website is great, but if they don’t match your ideal customer profile, you’ll never be able to convert them into leads. It’s natural. At best, you’ll get their contact details back, but you’ll never be able to convert them to customers afterward. It is ultimately a waste of time. The content you publish on your website must be perfectly suited to the issues.


And questions that your core target audience is asking. Your content is not of good quality. There is another problem. If you are unable to convert your visitors into leads, it may be because your content does not add value to them. Your customers are overwhelmed by content on the Internet, so they are more than demanding in their selection. You only have 8 seconds to hold a visitor’s attention to your website. How to grab attention with a B2B blog post? If your added value is not visible at first glance, your visitors will leave as they came … You’re not getting enough visitors to engage with you. Studies show that on the Internet.

Here for an example

It is essential to explicitly ask what is expected of Internet users. Simply put, if you want your fans to share your post on Facebook, you have to ask them. The results will be better. It’s the same for everything. If you want your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or download your latest white paper, ask them. This is the whole point of having a Call-to-Action – call-to-action button ( see our example at the end of the article ) – on each page of your website. You only talk about yourself on your website. This is undoubtedly the mistake that I most often encounter in B2B. It is ultimately quite natural. Passionate about your products/services.

And with a view to selling as much as possible, you are tempted to promote your offers all the time. Your website here becomes a showcase site and a showcase site has no interest in B2B. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers, they want you to guide them through the buying journey and show them that you are the best option to help them achieve their goals. Clearly, you don’t have to talk about yourself, you have to talk about your target, deal with their problems, and how they can solve them. All this while being benevolent and objective.

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