Some B2B companies don’t create content because they feel they don’t have the time or the budget for it. Others just don’t see the point. Either Netherlands Email List you dearly. Here are 5 reasons to get started with B2B content creation. Want more visitors to your website? Of course, you want it! Did you know that B2B companies that regularly feed their website with content attract 7 times more qualified visitors? Want to generate more leads? Of course! And there, did you know that B2B companies that create content generate 126% more leads? Why create B2B web content? And we can go further by saying that B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking.

While 90% of B2B decision-makers admit to never responding to a sales prospecting call, 61% of them start their purchase thinking on a search engine. So content creation is the best strategic decision you can make today. Here are the 5 reasons that will convince you to take the plunge: Content creation feeds the buying thinking of your prospects. Content creation helps your sales reps. The B2B decision-maker performs an average of 12 searches before coming into contact with a business on the Internet. Referencing your website well in B2B is essential.71% of B2B decision-makers carry out research around their problems and the questions they ask themselves rather than directly looking for a company or a solution.

There is no way he is looking for you directly

In other words, the decision-maker is not looking for you in B2B. In B2B, especially if you are an innovative or technological company like the majority of our customers, the decision-maker is very often not aware that a solution like yours exists or answers his problem. To grab the attention of the B2B decision-maker – and retain it – content creation becomes the central element of a good lead generation strategy. New call-to-action. Content creation improves the SEO of your website As we have just seen, the buyer is always more connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking. Concretely, the B2B decision-maker uses Google to conduct his thinking at his own pace. The referencing of your website is a major stake in B2B.


The referencing of your B2B website no longer depends only on a few technical optimizations. Google highlights websites that are regularly updated and whose content brings added value to visitors. Its credibility is at stake. Thus, the performance of your sites such as the number of page views or the time spent on your pages is taken into account for the SEO of your website. Creating content regularly is, therefore, essential to seize the first place on Google. Content creation positions you as a visible expert. You don’t have to sell anymore, you have to help. Since the B2B decision-maker has all the information he needs to make his purchasing decision, he no longer expects you to simply promote your products or services.

This is now true for all B2B decision-makers

He wants you to accompany him in his purchase reflection and that you show him that you are the best option to help him solve his problem and achieve his goals. When I created my agency and had to find a trustworthy accountant, a friend told me that the best way to know was to meet them and see the added value they could bring me without even that I signed with them. The accountant I chose is the one who advised me free of charge on the best legal structure for me, offered me a business plan, and his help in complete my articles of association. The creation of content allows you to answer in an altruistic and benevolent way all the questions posed by your target.

You thus become a visible expert in your field of activity and the decision-maker naturally turns to you for his needs. Content creation feeds the thinking of your prospects. In B2B, 73% of the leads you generate are not ready to buy. Stat leads are not mature in B2B. To convert them into customers, before passing these leads on to sales reps, you need to mature them by nurturing their buying thinking. Why aren’t they ready to buy today? What are the blocking points? Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you are in a position to create content that provides the answers. Creating content allows you to reduce the length of your sales cycle.

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