B2B decision-makers are always more connected, autonomous, and demanding in their purchasing thinking. The Inbound Tuvalu Email List advantage of it, there are 5 prerequisites to respect. Here they are. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that consists of creating high added value content and distributing it through the right channels to attract visitors to your website, convert them into qualified leads, and then into loyal customers. Inbound Marketing is the perfect B2B strategy. The Inbound Marketing strategy allows you to promote the decision-makers buying thinking. But for that, it is essential to respect the 5 prerequisites of an effective Inbound Marketing strategy.

New call-to-action. Define your Goals. We are regularly contacted by B2B companies who are looking for an Inbound Marketing agency to help them define and implement their strategy. We generally start with an Inbound Marketing Workshop, the first half-day meeting of which allows us to work on our clients’ objectives. I said half a day: the idea is to work on specific objectives. Marketing and sales objectives. Your goals are the foundation of your Inbound Marketing strategy. The objectives allow you to identify the right performance indicators to monitor, the actions to be taken, and to what extent. Work on your Personas. An Inbound Marketing strategy consists of providing your target with high added value content.

What is inbound marketing?

That will allow them to think about purchasing and gain maturity. For this, it is essential to know your target inside out. It is inevitable here to work your Personas. The work of Personas is far too often taken lightly by B2B companies who simply assign the task to the marketing department for an hour or two. As part of our Inbound Marketing Workshop, we allocate 1 week to the work of Personas for our clients. Would you like to be supported in setting up your inbound marketing strategy? Discover our Workshop. Align Sales and Marketing. A successful Inbound Marketing strategy requires the right collaboration between your marketing department and your sales department.


Inbound Marketing is a strategy that allows the marketing department to generate qualified and mature leads that it then transmits to the sales department for conversion. Poor sales and marketing alignment loss of customers. For your inbound marketing strategy to be successful, it is inevitable to align sales and marketing. This involves defining additional objectives and what characterizes a quality lead from a bad lead. Content is the fuel of your Inbound Marketing strategy. To move quickly and far, it is essential that your fuel is quality fuel. Your content must bring value to your target and this, throughout the buying journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing.

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For an effective Inbound Marketing strategy, you need to write content that answers the decision maker’s questions/issues. Whether it is in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision phase. His expectations, questions, and doubts evolve from one stage to the next. Use the Right Tools. A successful Inbound Marketing strategy is a strategy implemented with the right tools. Whether it is in content creation, promotion on social networks, sending Emailing, or developing reporting, you must use the tools that will guarantee you optimal performance. At the agency, we believe that the multiplication of tools only increases the risks. The more tools you use in your Inbound Marketing strategy. The more you expose yourself to holes in the rack: you risk missing leads.

And you will have difficulty creating complete reports. We strongly recommend that you equip yourself with a tool that will allow you to manage all the actions of your Inbound Marketing strategy under the same interface. From this perspective, Marketing Automation stands out as the obvious software solution. Contact the company he has chosen to. The Hubspot Marketing Automation software is designed to allow you to automate all low value-added tasks in order to allocate the saved time to the personalization and contextualization of your Marketing and sales actions. Hubspot is Marketing Automation software that offers a whole panoply of functionality allowing you to manage all of your Digital Marketing actions under the same interface.

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