Do you want to improve your Digital Marketing skills? Here are 5 Digital Marketing books to read this year to define and lead an effective strategy. After reading them, you will know how to generate leads and Comoros Email List modern buyers. That’s how I started Digital Marketing, in 2007. My training was not Digital Marketing training, it did not yet exist. But I felt the tide and I quickly realized that if I didn’t do my own digital transformation, I would lose my employability. So I read and read and read again. And then I put into practice what I learned from these Digital Marketing books.

Are you a novice and want to understand Digital Marketing? Are you an expert but want to improve your skills? Here are 5 Digital Marketing books you absolutely must read in 2021. This book is essential in 2021 to understand and put into practice the concepts of Digital Marketing. With The Big Book of Digital Marketing, you will see how to create a website and feed it with content to attract visitors and convert them into customers. You will see how to rank your website well and how to promote it using social networks and paid advertising. My opinion on this Digital Marketing book: very complete book, I recommend it if you want to set up a complete Digital Marketing strategy.

Measure the Effectiveness of Digital Marketing

There are very rewarding practical cases that will allow you to move from theory to practice. Digital Marketing. Each year, this Digital Marketing book is a must. I had the honor of participating in previous editions and I strongly recommend the 2020 edition which is still relevant, the 2021 edition being delayed. Digital Marketing 2020 is a very comprehensive book presenting concepts and practical cases written by dozens of recognized Digital Marketing experts. My opinion on this Digital Marketing book: This book is really of great value if you want to train in Digital Marketing or update your skills. Because yes, on the web, everything goes very quickly! To generate a return on investment with Digital Marketing, it is essential to measure the performance of your actions.


This book is really good at understanding why and how to measure the performance of your Digital Marketing strategy. My opinion on this Digital Marketing book: We sometimes only scratch the surface of certain concepts but the experience of the author who is now a professor at INSEEC will provide you with all the bases to identify and monitor the right performance indicators. Growth Hacking: You are in a hurry and want to quickly generate results with your Digital Marketing strategy. Frédéric Canevet’s book is made for you. In this book, Frédéric presents the Digital Marketing actions to put in place to develop your turnover quickly and without a budget. My opinion on this Digital Marketing book: His blog is great, his book is in his image.

8 Weeks to Double the Number of Your Prospects

Frédéric generously gives you all his tips. It gets straight to the point and gives you the concrete to take action effectively now. Inbound Marketing: Attract, Conquer and Enchant Customers in the Digital Age. Inbound Marketing is THE strategy to put in place to generate leads and win customers on the Internet in 2021. In this book, you will see how to define and implement an Inbound Marketing strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals while meeting the expectations of the modern buyer. My opinion on this Digital Marketing book: books on Inbound Marketing do not run the streets in France. This book is interesting to start with. It is easy to understand and well-illustrated with concrete examples.

These 5 Digital Marketing books in French seem to be the most interesting. This year for defining and implementing an effective strategy. BONUS: The Route du Bonheur Semblant de… Moi! Do you want to progress in your career? But you feel constrained by psychological blockages such as the impostor syndrome. The fear of failure, or the fear of the gaze of others? With my first book, La Route du Bonheur Semblant. I want to give you the keys to understanding and breaking down the blockages that prevent you from living your life – professional as personal – as you see fit. Number 1 in the Latest New Releases category on Amazon, it’s not a Digital Marketing book but I thought you might like it!

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