B2B social networks are excellent levers for generating leads and converting them into customers. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to communicate effectively. Here are the 5 major mistakes they Mexico Email List on social networks. Absolutely to be avoided. Communicate on social networks without a strategy. This is the mistake we all made once. This is the mistake I encounter every day in B2B companies that contact me. When I meet a CEO or a B2B marketer and he tells me that he cannot generate a return on investment with his social networks, it is always because he does not have a strategy. So yes, sometimes they answer me: “of course I have a strategy, it’s all in my head!”

Perhaps you have already said his words yourself? If you take a step back, you know: having a social media strategy in your head or not having one, it’s the same! New call-to-action. Don’t listen to your audience and don’t respond. The B2B decision-maker uses social networks to solve his problems and lead his purchasing reflection. When the B2B decision-maker asks a question on social media, he expects an immediate response. Unfortunately, in France, a B2B company takes on average more than 24 hours to provide a response on social networks. It is very frustrating. In addition, social networks should allow you to better understand the expectations and behaviors of your customers and prospects. But for that, you have to take the time to listen to them.

Don’t analyze your actions

If you don’t listen to your audience, you can’t communicate well on social media. There are many tools to monitor your social networks. At the agency, we use Hubspot. We can only improve what we measure. Especially on social networks. As you know, social networks are evolving at a fast pace. Buyers’ behavior and expectations are changing just as quickly. To communicate well on social networks in B2B, you must constantly review your strategy and this inevitably involves experimentation and analysis of your actions. Social networks all offer statistical tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your publications in real-time. Do not collaborate with the sales department. Communicating well on social networks in B2B is not just Marketing’s business.


It is a mission that concerns all your employees, especially the sales department. Social networks are excellent levers for prospecting and generating leads. To harness its full potential, it is essential to collaborate with your salespeople. To go further here, I recommend that you work on your marketing and sales alignment. I meet a lot of B2B companies who think that it is enough to communicate on social networks to be visible on the internet. This is a big mistake. To communicate well on the Internet, generate leads, and convert them into customers, it is essential to use all the levers at your disposal. The idea is to set up a comprehensive strategy to attract.

You don’t use other levers

You must therefore be able to ask yourself the right questions and know how to identify the best marketing tools to use. Know how to analyze the performance of your actions. Let’s be clear: to be successful in B2B marketing in the modern buyer’s age, you have to love math. I’m not saying that you have to have done Math Sup / Math Spé, but it is important to know how to analyze all the data at your disposal. The Internet, search engines, and social networks are constantly evolving. B2B buyer’s expectations and behaviors are evolving at the same pace. What works today in your marketing strategy won’t work tomorrow. It is therefore essential to regularly analyze.

To attract the best profiles and facilitate their integration, it may be interesting to integrate the process to be followed into your marketing plan, both for the employer and for the future recruit. The marketing plan is usually the first document you have a new hire read in your department. Want to Make an Effective B2B Marketing Plan? Switch to Inbound Marketing: The performance of your marketing actions to optimize your return on investment. Want to Switch to Modern Marketing? Download our Guide to B2B Inbound Marketing: As many visitors as possible to your website. Social media is great for this, but it’s not enough. Besides that, to communicate well on social networks in B2B.

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