Workflow is a central element of the Marketing Automation strategy. Well configured, Workflows allow you to save time and improve performance. Get Egypt Email List your Marketing Automation software. Here are the 5 Workflows to create now. Have you invested in Marketing Automation software and expect a good return on your investment? Everything goes through the creation of Workflow. A Workflow is a scenario allowing an action to be triggered – sending an e-mail, a notification, organizing an appointment, etc. – according to a trigger. What are the Workflows that you absolutely must put in place to succeed in your Marketing Automation strategy? There are 5 essentials:

The Welcome Workflow. The objective of this Workflow: to engage. Trigger: filling in a form. The Welcome Workflow consists of sending a welcome – or thank you – email to someone who has just completed a form on your website. This could be, for example, a registration form for your newsletter or a download of a white paper. Welcome Workflow is important in your Marketing Automation strategy because it is the first contact you will have with your lead. As you know, you don’t have the chance to make a good first impression twice. You can complete this Welcome Workflow with a second email offering to download another content offering or view a blog post.

The maturation workflow

Objective of this Workflow: to feed the buying thinking of your Leads. The trigger: filling in a lead generation form. The Maturation Workflow – sometimes called Lead Nurturing Workflow – consists of automatically sending emails to your leads based on their Lead Scoring. This objective of this Workflow is to advance your lead in the buying journey: Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. Thus, for a lead that you have identified as being in the Awareness phase, you will send them emails offering them to consult Awareness, Consideration, and Decision content. Your Lead will then be considered mature and can be processed by your salespeople. Re-engagement Workflow. The objective of this Workflow: re-engage inactive contacts and clean up your database.


Trigger: the inactivity of your contacts. The re-engagement workflow involves sending a series of automatic emails to your contacts who haven’t responded to your requests for a while. For example, we like to create a Re-engagement Workflow for our contacts who haven’t visited our website for 90 days. The idea is to encourage them to come back and visit us. If they don’t respond with this action, we remove them from our contact database. Event Workflow. The objective of this Workflow: to attract as many participants as possible to your event. Do you regularly organize events for your prospects and customers? A workshop, a breakfast, a webinar? Do you often attend trade shows?

The trigger: the organization of an event

The Event Workflow is a great opportunity to attract as many participants as possible and to keep in touch afterward. The idea is to send an invitation and follow-up emails to your contact base. Fast-Track Workflow. The objective of this Workflow: to quickly obtain a sales appointment. Carrying out a “Decision” action. There are actions that do not deceive. One of your Leads just visited your service page? This is probably the right time for your sales representative to contact them! The Fast-Track Workflow consists of informing the salesperson that a key action has just been carried out by a lead. He thus receives a notification and can call him immediately. You can also include in this Workflow an e-mail for your Leads so that they can make an appointment.

The panoply of tools for salespeople is full. Efficient tools, less efficient tools. The website is an essential tool for salespeople to prospect and convert their prospects into customers. Indeed, your customers and prospects are more than ever curious and well-informed Internet users. Attracting qualified prospects – or Leads – is the first fundamental reason why we support our clients in optimizing the performance of their website. Your prospect and therefore future buyer is looking for answers to his problems. Having a website with content that answers these questions is the first step in attracting qualified prospects. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. If your visitors are qualified, the Leads you will generate will be qualified.

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