Content is the centerpiece of your internet communication. Do you want to be visible on the internet? Attract more people to Norway Phone Number List customers? Everything goes through the creation of content. However, it is important to provide Internet users with quality web content. Here’s the recipe for creating the perfect content.

Like you, your competitors have become aware of the value of creating content to be visible and develop their turnover on the internet. So the competition is tough, but the good news is that the majority of these companies create content on the fly and if you do the right thing, you will win the battle. There, you wonder how to do? I give you my recipe for creating the perfect content.
This is the main characteristic of perfect web content. You may write the best articles in the world, create the most beautiful infographics and videos, if your web content is not visible, you will be wasting your time. By visible content, we must understand well referenced in search engines.

Define the right keywords
The first thing to do to properly rank content on search engines – ideally on the first page since 91% of Internet users do not go beyond the first page of Google results – is to determine the right keywords on which to rank. . Concretely, it is about determining the words that your targets will use to find your content.

For example, for this article, one of my keywords is How to create web content.

Use your keywords wisely
Now that you have determined the relevant keywords, you need to incorporate them into your web content. Concretely, you must use them sparingly in your text and integrate them into the following tags:

The 5 Ingredients Of Perfect Web Content

The Title tag (the title of your web page). The meta-description tag (this is the description of your page that appears in search engine results)
The Alt tag of your images (this is the text description of an image that appears when the image cannot be loaded on a page or in an email for example)
Hunt for links
Another important point for your web content to be visible: you must get quality links that point to this content. In other words, you need other sites / blogs than yours to post links that point to your content. For search engines, these links are equivalent to a recommendation and are therefore a guarantee of quality web content.

how to create quality web content – people don’t read


Perfect web content is readable content
By creating this web content, I don’t have too many illusions: I know very well that you will not read it in its entirety. I therefore do everything in my power to ensure that the key information comes to you at a glance. This is also what creating quality web content.

In the age of social media, we are overwhelmed with information. Even if we are interested in this, we only have a few seconds to allocate to reading web content. To create the perfect web content, you need to structure it taking into account that web users only scan a web page.

To convince Internet users who scan your web content, do not hesitate to highlight titles, subtitles and present your content in the form of a list. The majority of readers arriving on this article will be happy to read the introduction and the titles: I created this web content so that all these lazy people have all the key information.

Perfect Web Content Is Visible Content

Another tip, remember to catch the eye of your readers with suggestive images that will hold the reader’s attention, as I was able to do above!
Perfect web content is understandable content
As we saw in point # 1, to create quality web content, you must write it so that it is visible in search engines but don’t go to the extreme: your content must be visible and understandable! If you use the right keywords but your article means nothing or the repetitions are too heavy, Internet users will leave as quickly as they came …

So think about your target when creating your web content in order to use the language and format adapted to their level of knowledge and their expectations. For this article, I could very well talk about Content Marketing, SEO, Backlinks and other barbaric terms but there is little chance that I will manage to satisfy my target who is new to internet communication and who is looking for information to create quality web content.

In this process, do not hesitate to put yourself fully in the shoes of your target by working your Marketing Personas.
web content is engaging content
Perfect web content is engaging content
Admit that you don’t plan to create web content without expecting anything in return? If you want to create quality web content, it’s to gain visibility on the internet and probably gain new customers. In this process, you want to push Internet users to act through your content.

To create quality web content, therefore, consider seizing every opportunity to suggest that readers take action. The first thing to do is to integrate a call to action button within your web content, for example:

Web communication agency

To encourage people to take action, you can also add links that point to similar content (as I do at the end of this article) or even invite your readers to leave comments.

Another important point: do not hesitate to clearly ask Internet users what you expect from them. Studies show it and I was able to realize it with my customers, your conversion rate is more important when you directly ask Internet users to do something than by implicitly suggesting it.

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