Writing a blog post or creating an infographic isn’t enough to get visitors to your website. Your content Iceland Email Address anything to make it visible, you’re throwing your money away. So how do you promote your content on the Internet? On the Internet, competition is fierce. Like you, your direct and indirect competitors create content to attract visitors and convert them into leads. How to put all the chances on your side so that your target first falls on your content and holds their attention? To promote your content, SEO is not everything. Or at least not right away. From experience – and SEO studies do not contradict me.

It takes at least 4 months to properly reference content on the Internet. The websites referenced on the first page on Google have on average nearly 3 years of existence. The average age of websites referenced on the first page on google In the meantime, it is essential to activate other levers to promote your content. Besides that, getting your website listed is a complex issue. Depending on the competition of the keywords on which you want to reference your content, you will not always be able to position yourself on the first page on Google. As you know, 91% of users stick to the first page of search results. Like you and me.

Here are 5 concrete methods

It is therefore essential here to promote your content well if you want to take full advantage of it. Now let’s see how to do it. Involve influencers in the creation of your content. Influencer marketing is on the rise. Contacting influencers to promote your content is a good practice to exploit. However, to reap the full benefits, I strongly recommend that you integrate influencers directly into your content creation for more results. I see him regularly for the blog. When I call on an influencer to integrate their opinion into one of my articles, the number of visitors explodes. How to do it here? Write content that brings value to your target.


Your target will never dig into the page. The key to gaining support from influencers is writing supportive content that delivers value to players in your market. Identify the influencers most interested in your topic. Thanks to the blog audience and my social networks, I am considered an influencer. I receive daily requests from brands asking me to relay content. I don’t hide from you my frustration (or my nervousness!) When the content has nothing to do with my interests and areas of expertise. To benefit from the support of influencers, it is important to select them well. Ask these influencers to bring their vision to your content. A comment, a testimonial, feedback.

So how do you stand out?

Suggesting one or more influencers to add a touch to your content will not only allow you to benefit from their support but also to add objectivity to your content. Objectivity is important to attract the buyer. Do not forget here to have the influencer read the final version of your content before publication and notify them as soon as it is posted so that they can promote it on their social networks. Convert your content into different formats. It’s a great way to promote your content and optimize its lifespan. Writing a blog post takes time. You must therefore put all the chances on your side to take full advantage of it.

You have several options for converting your blog posts. 7 ideas to make your blog posts profitable. Personally, I like to convert my blog posts to podcasts and infographics. These are two formats that are very popular on social networks and the shares are very often at the RDV. Harness the potential of sharing sites and social networks. Here is another concrete method to promote your content on the Internet: publish synopses on sharing sites and social networks. On Facebook, you can write an Instant Article. On LinkedIn, you have the Pulse platform. Besides that, you can use a content-sharing site like Medium, the leader. The idea here is to publish on these platforms.

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