Do you want to develop your turnover with digital marketing but you do not know which levers to operate? There is a Kazakhstan Email List in your mind. To make concrete progress, here are the first 4 actions to put into practice now. Optimize your marketing conversion funnel. The number of contacts who enter your marketing conversion funnel is, by definition, always more important than the number of contacts who become your customers. It’s mathematical and logical: there’s no question of wasting time trying to sell to those who don’t need you. To grow your business with digital marketing, you need to attract more contacts and optimize your conversion rates.

If your visitors to customers conversion rate is, for example, 1%, that means that one in 100 visitors ends up becoming a customer. It seems logical that as the inflow increases, that increase is reflected in the number of customers. You can do this by taking steps such as researching and creating a new Persona – your future new buyer – and also revisiting your content creation plan to incorporate new topics. More qualified traffic equals more customers. Optimize your conversion rates. In general, there are two metrics that are particularly useful for measuring the progress of contacts on their journey to becoming a customer: conversion rates and sign-up rate. The first indicates the relationship between visitors and leads.

Widen your conversion funnel

The second indicates the same thing but between leads and customers. Optimizing the conversion to leads is a central topic to grow your business with digital marketing. This first step in generating leads is based on the quality of your landing pages or landing page. So check if any of your pages have low conversion rates and investigate the possible reasons. To identify the elements that are hampering the conversion rate of your landing page, do some tests. When it comes to optimizing the signing rate, alignment between the marketing and sales departments is essential. The definition of mature and qualified leads must be shared otherwise only poor quality leads are transmitted to salespeople.


Plus, if emails sent to leads are causing too many drop-outs or not engaging enough, you need to make changes right away. Your leads must be transformed into customers and not into lost contact. You may have heard it a few times, but the power of segmentation shouldn’t be underestimated. The quality of your contact database is measured, among other things, by its segmentation. It is essential that every lead receives the right content at the right time. With a well-segmented contact base, you increase the effectiveness of your lead nurturing and reduce the rate of leads who unsubscribe from your mailings because they have received one or more content that does not interest them.

Segment your contact base

Segmenting your base based on your Personas is a good start. But that is not necessarily enough. For the same Persona, there may be nuances that make it necessary to be more specific in your emails. For example, the objectives and time limits for reflections may be different. It, therefore, requires specific communications to send the right message at the right time. Set specific goals. Your digital marketing actions cannot be carried out without an established plan and strategy. All of these should be coordinated in a marketing plan, and that plan should have specific goals. Without a well-defined goal, you will waste all your efforts and probably drastically reduce your ROI.

Setting marketing goals allows you to focus your actions in the right direction to achieve them. This way, you are able to come up with a reasonable plan for growth and set metrics that will show you how close you are to it. In this sense, your goals must be SMART. Your goals must meet five conditions: Specific: focused on something specific and precise. Measurable: you must be able to qualify or quantify them in a unit of measure. Achievable: it must be possible to reach them. Realistic: adapted to your market and the reality of your business. Temporal: delimited in time. Develop your customer service. According to studies, getting a new client to sign.

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