However, to prospect well during the summer, it is important to do this differently than during the rest of the year. You are not Jordan Phone Number List to contact your prospects, you would be doing it in vain. Summer should rather allow you to give material to your prospects to feed their reflections and position your offers as being THE solution to the problems they encounter.

Your customers often do not understand your products, which are too complex or far removed from their daily activity, and sometimes are not even aware that solutions like yours exist. This is what makes your cold sales prospecting actions very difficult.

During the summer, you can take the opportunity to proactively prospect so that you only have to transform the test at the start of the school year. For that, the objective of your commercial prospecting during the summer must be to educate your prospects and to convince them that your offer corresponds to their problems.

Tip # 1 – Write content to facilitate your business prospecting.
As we have seen previously, your commercial prospecting objective during the summer will be to nourish your prospects in their thinking and to educate them in order to convince them that your product or service is the preferred solution to solve the problems that they meet.

To prospect well, the best thing to do is to start by writing quality content that you will publish on your website, ideally in a blog section.

Not only will these contents allow you to solidify your commercial prospecting but they will also improve your referencing in search engines: you will be more visible in the eyes of your prospects who now favor Google for information and to make their purchasing decision.

How To Prospect Well During The Summer?

Your content should not be promotional oriented but rather deal with the issues that your customers encounter. For example, I could very well have told you about our Inbound Marketing services in this article, but Inbound Marketing may not speak to you. I therefore prefer to tackle a problem that all companies encounter and for which Inbound Marketing is a solution: the lull of the summer in terms of commercial prospecting!
Prospect on social networks. Let’s face it: we have a hard time completely disconnecting during the holidays. We always have a smartphone or tablet at hand to check our emails from time to time or especially social networks. The same goes for your prospects.


For fear that the world will continue to turn without them or miss crucial information, your prospects therefore consult social networks regularly. Social networks also allow your prospects to monitor and keep informed of the news of their customers and partners.

Social networks are therefore a real opportunity for your commercial prospecting. The news feeds are less provided than usual and you must therefore take advantage of this to squatter the open field.

Prospecting well during the summer therefore means relaying your articles – and others with high added value – on your social networks in order to educate your prospects but also to position yourself as a visible, accessible and recognized expert in your field. activity.

New call-to-action. Analyze your sales prospecting actions over the last 12 months. If your prospects are on vacation, you can take the opportunity to take stock of your sales prospecting actions over the past 12 months. What approaches have worked best? Which ones sent you to the wall?

Work On The Automation Of Your Commercial Prospecting

Summer is a great time to challenge your business prospecting methods. You can not only analyze the performance of your actions but also take stock of the profile of your ideal client. We are talking about Buyer Persona.

To prospect properly, it is important to identify the companies most likely to be seduced by your offer and the contacts to be contacted. Therefore, you must draw up a typical profile of each of your target contacts by defining their issues but also their areas of interest or the means they use to obtain information.

This information is essential to optimize the performance of your commercial prospecting. And as behaviors change very quickly, summer is an opportunity to take stock of your personas in order to prospect on the hats of the wheel from the start.

Throughout the year, you have your head in the handlebars and it is difficult to take a step back on your commercial prospecting methods. However, commercial prospecting has evolved a lot in recent years, in recent months.

Today, there are many solutions to prospect more effectively. Marketing Automation even allows you to automate your sales prospecting actions by configuring scenarios according to the progress of your prospects in their purchasing process.

Clearly, Marketing Automation allows you to automatically feed your prospects during their reflection and to be able to contact them at the best time: when they are ready to make their decision. However, the promise is great, but putting in place a Marketing Automation strategy for your sales prospecting takes time, so summer is the ideal time to get started.

Take advantage of July and August to analyze the Marketing Automation solutions available on the market and work on your prospecting scenarios. You will be ready to explode your business goals from September!

Do you want to take stock of your commercial prospecting? Schedule your free consultation with our Sales Prospecting Facilitator!

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