This is a real opportunity for your communication: with smartphones, you can reach your target at any time. If you Romania Phone Number List media, you can be sure your competition is doing it for you.

It is not a question here of creating accounts on all social networks. It is important to define the relevant social networks for your activity, to define an editorial line corresponding to the expectations of your target and to publish quality content on the social networks selected regularly.

Quality content is original, unique content that meets at least one of the following vocations: informing, solving, educating, entertaining. CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is customer relationship management software. Concretely, it is a software in which you enter all the information about your customers and prospects: their contact details, their needs, their centers of interest, the history of your exchanges and the communications you sent them. etc …

No, social networks are not just for telling your life story. Social networks are now real prospecting tools and, if used properly, should allow you to gain new customers. How to do ? Here is a foolproof 4-step method.

Regularly, I am contacted by companies who call for help to help them develop their turnover. After a quick audit of their business methods, I still see the same problem.

Overtaken by developments in marketing and communication, these companies continue to prospect as they did even 10 years ago: they waste hours prospecting by phone and send their salespeople to the pipe breaker via door to door.

If you too are still prospecting with your flyers under your elbow, you necessarily know: these traditional prospecting methods are no longer effective.

The reason is quite simple: the consumer no longer wishes to be interrupted to receive information but wishes to go and get it himself when he needs it. Clearly, there is no need to run after your customers, they will come to you when they need it.

To Attract Internet Users To You

You still need to be visible and identifiable. In this process, the essential social networks will allow you to modernize your prospecting.

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Social Selling, or the art of prospecting on social networks
Social Selling is a strategy that consists of using social networks to identify new prospects, convert them into customers and retain them. As you can see by viewing the excerpt from our infographic on Social Selling above, Social Selling is a 4-step strategy that will allow you to:


Grab the attention of target internet users. To attract the attention of Internet users on social networks, there are 3 actions to take now. Optimize your profiles on social networks. It’s all about keywords and visuals here. If you want to be visible on social networks, you must first fill in all the available fields using strategic keywords describing your activity and used by your customers to search for you.

Do not neglect any section and avoid copy / paste. Your descriptions should be clear and compelling. Use each field at your disposal to highlight your added value and encourage visitors to contact you.

To attract the attention of target Internet users, also take care to use professional photos, reflecting your values ​​and your professional activity: here we are naturally talking about a profile photo but also the cover photo too often neglected by users. sell on social networks in 4 steps

If we take the example of Guy Kawazaki above, his profile picture reflects “his person” and his cover means: “I have enough legitimacy to speak in front of thousands of people, contact me! “. To communicate perfectly on social networks, take care to use perfectly cropped images: here is a list of all the dimensions of images on social networks !

To Turn Them Into Prospects

Share great content. To convince users to follow you on social networks and thus start a relationship with your target, it is important to share quality content on your social networks that reflects your expertise and brings added value to your target.

Concretely, to be of quality, your content must meet at least one of the following vocations: solve a problem of your target, educate your target on a specific subject, deliver exclusive information, entertain your target.

If your content doesn’t meet any of these vocations, don’t share it on your social networks. The objective here is to position yourself as a visible and recognized expert in your field of activity.

Intervene in groups/communities
On the vast majority of social networks, users have the opportunity to come together in groups in which they discuss their issues or areas of interest. They regularly ask questions and this is the opportunity for you to position yourself as an objective expert and seeking the full satisfaction of its customers.

Integrate groups around your fields of activity and do not hesitate to regularly provide relevant answers to Internet users. It is not a question here of making your promotion at all ends of fields but of providing quality answers so that in the long term, the members of these groups come to you in case of need.

Turn your contacts into prospects. At this point in the Social Selling method, you should have gained visibility, regularly attracting visitors and getting your contacts to engage with your posts. Now you are going to have to identify the hottest contacts and get in touch with them to turn them into leads.

Here, all you have to do is regularly analyze the “likes”, comments and shares on your publications. People who regularly interact with your content are naturally very receptive to it.

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