Whether it’s phoning or door-to-door, traditional prospecting methods no longer offer the results of yesteryear. Now, if you Nepal Phone Number List integrate social networks into your strategy. How to do ? Here is a Social Selling Infographic showing you the 4-step process to sell well on social networks!

Influencers can make rain and shine on your brand. Influencers are new influencers and can offer you exceptional visibility at a lower cost. We still have to convince them… How? Here is the procedure for contacting influencers as well as a typical e-mail!

What is an influencer? An influencer, in the sense that interests us here, is a person who has influence on Internet users through social media.

By social media, I mean social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram but also blogs. To be more concrete, an influencer is an Internet user who has managed to unite around him a community of several thousand people on social media.

This community is engaged, that is to say that it likes, comments and shares all the publications of the influencer. The great strength of an influencer is the engagement it generates. One of the first keys to success in terms of influencer relationships is to contact the right influencers.

It is not enough for the influencer to have an engaged community to be relevant to your brand. Influencers useful for your brand should be recognized in your field of activity and share your vision.

Why contact influencers to advertise yourself?
The reason is quite simple: in the age of collaboration, social networks and excessive communication, your customers are not fooled and attach much more importance to the word of an objective person than to that of your Brand.

What Is A Good Influencer For Your Brand?

Influencer Marketing is proving to be a relevant strategy in both B2B and B2C.
Not only will soliciting influencers allow you to gain visibility, but it will also allow you to gain objectivity.

As I said in the preamble, influencers are the new prescribers to such an extent that studies show that they have more impact on buyers than internationally renowned players.

The other point to take into consideration is that the reach of the advertising made by an influencer will go well beyond his own community since the latter, very engaged, will tend to share it with its own fans / friends / subscribers.

Influencers are over-solicited! Proof of their success and their importance for brands, influencers are over-solicited.


As an influencer, I receive dozens of requests every day from brands to promote one of their product, service or content.You naturally understand that an influencer can’t answer everyone.

So, as you can see in this graph from a survey of bloggers by Cision , 72% of bloggers with professional readership and 78% of bloggers generating more than 100,000 visits per month feel too busy by brands and communicators.

In this study, we learn in particular that bloggers specializing in marketing, communication, tourism, health and culture are particularly sought after by brands. To convince influencers to advertise your brands, products or content, you need to put the odds in your favor.

Your first objective will first be to catch the attention of influencers and then convince them to take action. How to do ? Here’s the procedure to follow !

How to contact influencers and convince them to advertise?
Step # 1: You need to build a relationship with influencers
Receiving dozens of requests every day, it is clear that I do not have time to open all the emails received by brands.

Study What Influencers Want By Cision

So I do a first sorting and very often, it starts from my knowledge of the brand or the interlocutor. Concretely, when I do not know the person who contacts me, there is very little chance that I will follow up on his request.

To hope to attract the attention of influencers and convince them to work with you, it is essential to establish a relationship before soliciting them.how to convince influencers to advertise you For this, it is essential to follow the influencers you target on social networks and regularly share their content.

As you can see in the graph above, influencers mostly expect brands to pay more attention to their work by sharing their posts and thanking them.

Every day, I receive requests from brands asking me to promote their products or content on my blog when it clearly does not correspond to my editorial line.

There is nothing more frustrating for an influencer who thinks that the brand has not even taken the care to visit its work for a few seconds, that it hits the crowd hoping to have spinoffs …

By following influencers on social networks and regularly sharing their content, you will allow them to gain visibility and they can only be grateful to you.

Step # 2: You must work on a specific offer. Before contacting influencers, you must know what exactly you expect from them and what you will be able to offer them in return.

The first thing to do is therefore to determine precisely why you want to appeal to influencers and to define specific objectives corresponding.These objectives will flow from indicators that you will follow throughout your actions to ensure that your strategy is the right one.how to contact influencers – compensation

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