The Internet and social networks have changed the expectations and behavior of your customers, forcing you to Cameroon Phone Number List methods. How to modernize your prospecting strategy? How to prospect well in the age of the web and social networks? Download the free guide! If you continue to prospect in the traditional way by making cold calls, going door to door or spending whole days in trade shows, you have undoubtedly noticed a decrease in efficiency in your sales prospecting actions. Suddenly, you adopt here one of the following two attitudes. The most common, the one we see very often in the companies that contact us, is to redouble our efforts, to make more and more calls.

To canvass more customers in an attempt to maintain your turnover. Believe our experience, it is a waste of time. The second attitude, most certainly the one you adopt when reading this article, is rather to review your commercial prospecting methods and ask yourself how to properly prospect according to the new behaviors and new expectations of the buyer. How to properly prospect an increasingly independent buyer? With the Internet and social networks, buyer’s behavior has become more complex. The modern shopper no longer wishes to have information imposed on them in communications that they did not request. He prefers to research the information himself on the Internet in order to have all the elements in hand to make his own purchasing decision.

How To Prospect Well

90% of the purchase reflection is carried out alone by the consumer . In this situation, to prospect well, you can no longer rely on chance – because that’s what it is ultimately about – and simply unpack your sales pitch to your prospects in the hope of converting it. a few as clients. Your prospect no longer expects you to sell your solutions but to position yourself as the best company to help them respond to the problems they encounter . How to prospect well: download our free guide “4 steps to modernize your sales prospecting strategy. To help you in your thinking, we suggest you download our free guide in which you will find 18 pages of tips and tricks.


This statistic alone destroys the relevance of your fear of repeating yourself. To create content that attracts customers, do not hesitate to regularly focus on your strategic messages and catchphrases. The goal is to focus on the problems of your target in your content so that they become aware of them and be convinced that it is essential to solve them… through you! Finally, never get tired of what you say because each time the audience is different. If you analyze your website statistics, you will generally notice that 80% of visitors have never visited before. There is therefore very little chance that they will deem you redundant. Update your content.

How To Identify The Right Interlocutor

For content to rank well on Google and search engines, it is essential to update it regularly. To extend the life of your hard-to-create content, do not hesitate to review it regularly. Besides, you can also convert your content into different formats. A blog article can become an infographic then a video … This will not only allow you to fully exploit a theme but in addition to reach your target as widely as possible. Promote your content. Don’t just rely on Google to get customers to your website. You can also harness the potential of social networks to promote your content. So define the social networks where your target is located and distribute your content there regularly.

You will be able to position yourself as an expert in your field of activity but also build a community that will visit you often. Be yourself. To conclude this article, I end with a tip that stems from common sense but is all too often overlooked by companies. Don’t try to copy what you see elsewhere without asking yourself if it’s relevant to your business. As many clients often remind me, each company has its own particularities: you have to take into account your history, your values, your clients and employees to build a relevant internet communication strategy and create content that attracts clients. So do not try to pass yourself off as a brand.

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