Your marketing plan is based on outdated actions. The way in which the decision-maker buys in B2B has changed Lithuania Email List marketing and sales strategy. In this approach, several marketing levers should be avoided since they no longer meet the expectations of the modern buyer. B2B lead generation stats. We identify that 61% of B2B buyers start their buying thinking on a search engine. Besides that, 90% of them admit never answering a sales prospecting call. The modern shopper has evolved with the technologies that surround him. Your marketing plan has not, a priori, followed the same path. Your marketing plan does not include the sales department.

It is well known that the marketing and sales departments weren’t always good friends. Often presented as enemy brothers, it is in your interest to get closer to your salespeople to establish your B2B marketing plan. Why approach salespeople to create your B2B marketing plan? Salespeople have permanent and privileged contact with your customers and prospects. They are able to give you the temperature and the feelings of your targets vis-à-vis offer from the marketing department. In addition, the success of your B2B marketing plan is directly linked to the success of the salespeople. How do you know if your marketing plan is right? Quite simply by discussing the quality of the leads generated by the marketing department.

The levers used are not the right ones

A growth in your turnover does not necessarily mean an increase in the bottom line. The reason is simple, your contracts do not earn you enough because your customer acquisition cost is too high. Why? Here are the 4 reasons that generally explain a high customer acquisition cost in B2B. To start at the beginning, you need to analyze your business development actions over the past 12 months. Do you want to generate more leads for your salespeople? Download our Free Guide: Did the efforts and budgets committed by the marketing and sales departments bring the expected ROI? If your acquisition cost is too high, it is quite possible that the expected ROI was not achieved.


We meet B2B companies still using traditional business development methods: door-to-door, cold phoning, visits to trade shows for the most common methods. These customer acquisition levers are no longer suitable in a world where digital has taken on considerable importance. B2B lead generation stat. 90% of B2B prospects refuse to answer prospecting phone calls. If your efforts are focused on outdated levers like this, the costs of winning new customers are no doubt enormous. You have a lot of prospects but they are not very qualified. Your online presence allows you to automatically generate contacts. Your leads are therefore numerous every day. On paper, your customer acquisition actions are therefore effective.

Your messages are not qualitative enough

Unfortunately, the sales department is formal, the leads generated are poorly qualified and the efforts to transform them into customers are colossal (LINK): Several demonstrations, physical appointments, and trips to ensure, tailor-made construction of ‘an offer then a counter-offer … in short, salespeople spend a lot of time dealing with low-qualified prospects. This lengthens the duration of your sales cycle, increases the effort required, and ultimately results in a high customer acquisition cost. Your salespeople are chasing prospects who are not mature enough. Even worse than dealing with prospects who are not qualified, chasing prospects who are not mature enough. Stat leads are not mature in B2B. My sales memory brings me back to dozens of telephone contact attempts coupled with emails.

Requesting meetings with these prospects who are not mature enough. All in vain! Prospects who are not mature enough will rarely or never respond to your requests. Buyer’s behavior in B2B to generate leads Those who take the time to answer you to start a conversation and have you come on a first date will waste your sales rep’s time. Sales forces need to focus on the most mature prospects. Otherwise, your customer acquisition cost may soar. Your marketing plan is not adapted to the expectations of your target. Two indicators should allow you to understand that your B2B marketing plan is not adapted to the expectations of your target. First, if the number of visitors to your website does not take off.

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