To easily understand how important they are to our daily lives, all you need to do is figure out how many Macedonia WhatsApp Number List media! Several, without a doubt. Still not convinced of the interest in your business? Here are 4 reasons to use social media in your communication.

Social media has changed our society. They have revolutionized human relations, web uses and even purchasing behavior. Today, a communication strategy inevitably involves the use of social media.

Need Help Communicating on Social Media? Take advantage of Our Online Coaching Offer. online digital marketing coaching – 60 minutes social networks. Social media are everywhere! This is an obvious but very important reason: everyone uses social media. Worse, we are all connected 24/7 (or almost!).

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Social media brings back our fond memories constantly. Through notifications, emails. By hashtags used in TV shows, QR Codes in advertisements.

Part of the success of social media is that we naturally can’t stand boredom. What do you do in public transport, in bed, in front of the TV or during your coffee break at the office?

Social Media Are Fashionable… And Breaking It!

You take a look on social networks! The Anglo-Saxons call it time-killing. Consumers are therefore now hyper connected. 96% of them are influenced by a brand’s e-reputation at the time of purchase .

These two facts lead us to the following conclusion: The success of your business depends (in part of course) on the reviews it generates on social media. In this era of the social web, influencers are becoming living demigods.

Do you want your brand image to match your values ​​and the expectations of your targets? You must develop yourself a presence on social media!


Do you have a beautiful website but no one visits it? An audit of your SEO is necessary , but it will not be enough!

To attract visitors to your website, and especially convert it into prospects, then into customers, you must offer high added value content. This content must meet the expectations of your target, satisfy a need, inform or distract them. Once your content is written, you will need to promote it. And this is where social media comes in!

Share your content on various social networks, post links, images or even video. If your content is quality content, virality will do its job and your content will spread on the web. To go further: how to attract more traffic through content marketing?

Social Media Drives Traffic To Websites!

Social media humanizes brands. Mass marketing, through increasingly impersonal communications, has created a distance between brands and consumers.

The Internet has put brands back on the right track by putting the consumer back at the center of marketing and communication strategies. Today, a product must indeed be ultra-personalized and perfectly match everyone’s expectations.

Social media is moving in this direction. Social media are indeed the opportunity for you to develop a human relationship with your target .

By using social media in your communication, you establish proximity with your customers, your prospects and their entourage. They can interact directly with you, share and even create content. With social media, you put a face to your logo!

In conclusion,
Social media are essential today. If you don’t use them in your communication, you lose opportunities to attract, engage and retain consumers. Worse, you give your competitors, who use them, a considerable advantage.

Be careful, using social media is not just about creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You must put in place a complete strategy corresponding to your target and your objectives.

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