Are you looking for an agency for the SEO of your B2B website? Your decision is crucial because, you know, your Slovenia Email List of your website. Here are 4 reasons to choose our agency to improve your SEO. We meet the expectations of the modern B2B buyer. The SEO of your website no longer depends only on a few technical optimizations. Gone are the days when you just had to use the right keywords in the right place to rank a website well on Google. Take advantage of a Free Audit to Discuss the SEO of your B2B Website. We meet the expectations of Google and other engines.

Of course, the SEO of your website in B2B also depends on your ability to respect the rules of the game dictated by search engines, That will allow us to put in place the best SEO actions to achieve them. Having more visitors is good, but it’s not what will allow you to generate growth. As a digital marketing agency for innovative and technological companies, we owe it to ourselves to be innovative. Especially since SEO is in perpetual motion. We have seen it since 2013. SEO is not what it was 5 years ago and it will have changed a lot in a few months. Everything is done at Google to meet the expectations of Internet users and reduce the impact of traditional SEO techniques.

We have an innovative SEO approach

Our SEO strategy is based on the Inbound Marketing methodology, which consists of attracting qualified visitors to convert them into leads and then into loyal customers. Do you want to know more about our agency and tell us about your project? Schedule your Free 30-Minute Consultation! This is a mistake that I constantly encounter in B2B companies. Marketers send an Emailing, they extract the list of people who opened and clicked in the Emailing, and they send it all to the salespeople asking them to contact them one by one. You must stop. Right now! I do my Mea Culpa, I did it too … I’m going to tell you a secret. A few years ago, I was one of those marketers. I am ashamed of it today.



I saw myself blaming the salespeople for failing to convert the leads I sent them after sending an Emailing. Like you, I would send promotional emails and forward the list of openers and clickers to the sales reps asking them to call them back one by one. With the support of my superiors that I was misleading (Sorry guys! Well, I was still nice. I ranked what I called leads at the time in order of engagement: first clickers, then openers, all sorted by a number of actions. I was aware that salespeople could not call 400 people back within 48 hours and that priorities had to be identified. So yes, the sales reps may have managed to sign one or two clients.

It couldn’t work

Because of it but for the time they spent processing this type of file, I assure you that the ROI of these Emailing campaigns was negative. Worse, I saw these salespeople get blown away by management because they were unable to sign these leads. In fact, they had nothing to do with it. Again, sorry guys! And of course, it didn’t work…! Why? Because a guy who opens an E-mailing or clicks on a link is not a lead ready to be converted. New call-to-action. Open or Click in an Emailing does not mean anything. Truly. The salespeople who worked with me were awesome. They called what I presented to them as leads.

I even believe that at the time I offered them scripts to approach them well. Because yes, you don’t approach lead marketing like you do cold prospecting, but that’s another story. The feedback from these leads was always the same: “I don’t know you, I never opened this E-mailing”; “I am not interested, I opened the e-mailing out of curiosity”. “You seem…. with your conners…! “; In fact, I sent my salespeople to the pipe breaker. Some people open e-mails on a reflex. Worse, some open it to unsubscribe from the list. Some will click on the links out of curiosity but currently have no need. You Should Only Submit Qualified and Mature Leads.

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