Your crisis management methods. On the Internet, you are not immune to the Bad Buzz. Even if Myanmar Email List we might think, it is essential to make a marketing plan that anticipates the worst scenarios and the actions to be taken to avoid the negative repercussions. You can therefore integrate into your marketing plan the actions to be implemented in the event of negative comments or opinions. If you create an effective marketing plan, the results will be there and you may have to recruit to go further. Recruiting a marketing profile is not easy in this age of the Internet and social networks. Do you want to reduce your customer acquisition cost by 61%? Switch to Inbound Marketing.

Are you investing time and money in your digital marketing strategy but not generating a return on your investment? It’s because your digital marketing strategy is not good. But you already know that. Why on the other hand? Here are the 5 reasons why your digital marketing strategy is failing. Do you want to set up the perfect B2B digital marketing strategy? Download our Free Guide!
Marketing, we know how much it costs but we never know how much it pays! I have heard this remark dozens and dozens of times. Until the early 2000s, I could design it. At the time, marketing consisted of sending out flyers, advertising in the media, or attending trade shows.

Your onboarding process for new recruits

Today, the Internet and new technologies allow you to measure the performance of your marketing actions in real-time: how many visitors you attract to your website, how many leads you generate, or how many customers you gain. If your digital marketing strategy isn’t generating a return on investment, you’ve got it wrong. Here are the 5 most likely reasons: You’re talking to the wrong people. Why is your digital marketing strategy not working? Because you’re sending the wrong message to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. And there, your digital marketing strategy cannot work if you do not know WHO is your target. I said WHO! In the days of old-fashioned marketing.


It is difficult with these levers to properly measure how much you earn from your marketing strategy. it was enough to know that our target worked in a certain type of company, its sector of activity, its turnover, and its function. Those days are clearly over. To create an effective digital marketing strategy in B2B, it is necessary to know who your target is as a person: what are their habits, their constraints, their problems, and the questions they ask themselves? For that, you have to work on your Persona. You do not meet the expectations of the modern buyer. Why is your digital marketing strategy not working? Because you haven’t made it fit for the modern buyer. B2B buyer’s expectations and behaviors have changed.

The buyer is looking for added value

The buyer wishes to carry out his purchasing reflection on his own, on the Internet; They doesn’t want you to sell your offers, they want you to help them; B2B decision-maker trusts the company which has shown him that it is the best to solve its problem and help it achieve its objectives. I am correct: he does not trust a company but a person. He is looking for a relationship of trust. Don’t ask yourself why your digital marketing strategy is not working: you are not responding to this evolution. You do not collaborate with the sales department. Why is your digital marketing strategy not working? Because you work it alone, in your corner!

There are several points to consider for a successful digital marketing strategy: This is the mistake I encounter every day in the field: marketing is bumping its strategy into its own corner, the salesperson does not understand what marketing is doing. Marketing and sales are not wired to work together. However, the buyer imposes it on you in B2B. It is important to create content that brings value: blog articles, videos, or even infographics. You must therefore integrate social networks into a real ecosystem to generate a return on investment. Want to Make the Most of Your Social Networks? Switch to B2B Inbound Marketing: An effective digital marketing strategy is one that generates qualified leads that salespeople can convert.

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