You have just raised funds: Congratulations! An exciting adventure awaits you, but to prevent it from turning Uzbekistan Email List in order to meet the demands of your investors. Since 2013, we have regularly supported innovative and technological companies in their commercial development after fundraising. This experience has enabled us to identify the 4 major challenges that you will have to meet in order to continue your growth and meet the expectations of your investors. Quickly demonstrate results to reassure your investors. Now that you have convinced the investors, your wish will be granted. But you know, recruiting quality profiles is not easy, especially if you are based in the provinces.

Recruiting the best people is not just a question of salary. Whether developers, marketers, or salespeople, the best profiles want to join a modern company where they can work with the latest methods and new technologies. To recruit a salesperson, you need to promise them something other than spending the day on the phone. If in your business it’s marketing that generates leads and the salesperson needs to focus on conversion, you’ll have less trouble convincing them. For a marketer, he will prefer to work in a company that is equipped with a Marketing Automation tool and whose management is well aware of the latest Digital Marketing strategies.

The main challenge for the company

The buyer is always more connected and autonomous in his purchase thinking, making traditional commercial prospecting obsolete. Marketing now needs to generate qualified leads on the Internet and then pass them on to sales. How to generate leads? Here is the procedure in 10 lessons. Prerequisite # 1: to generate qualified leads, you have to know what it is A lead is a contact who has shown interest in your business by filling out a form on your website. 73% of the leads you generate from your website are not ready to buy. A lead is therefore not necessarily interested in your product/service yet, but he has shown you that he had a problem.


A qualified lead is a lead who matches the profile of your ideal prospect: a qualified lead has all the characteristics to become one of your best clients. Prerequisite # 2: to generate qualified leads, you have to understand the buyer’s expectations. Why is it essential for your business to generate qualified leads on the Internet? 90% of B2B decision-makers never answer a sales prospecting call. Besides that, 61% of them started thinking about buying on a search engine. B2B lead generation stats. These two statistics should be enough to make you understand why generating qualified leads on the Internet is such a crucial issue. And that he was actively thinking about how to solve it.

Avoid few steps for your company

To optimize the chances of converting your leads into customers and therefore generate a return on investment with your lead generation strategy, it is essential to generate qualified leads. The B2B buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his buying thinking, mainly on the Internet. If you don’t do everything you can to grab and hold their attention on the web, you are leaving the field open to your competition. The B2B buyer now expects a company to guide him in his buying thinking. The selling is out of date. The buyer wants you to adopt a more altruistic approach and offer him high added value content on the Internet to help him understand his problem.

And answer the questions he asks himself throughout the purchase journey. If your salespeople continue to prospect by cold phone, door to door, or even at trade shows, they do not take this major expectation into account and it is therefore natural that they are constantly faced with refusals. Generating leads on the Internet is no longer an option. It is an obligation. So how do you generate qualified leads? Here is the detailed process in 10 lessons. To Generate Qualified Leads, Work on Your Personas. A Persona is a representation of your ideal customer. Working on your Personas is all about identifying the essential characteristics of the perfect client. We are talking about demographic but also behavioral characteristics.

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