Many of our clients have noticed (like you?) An increase in the number of prospects generated by Austria Phone Numbers List strategy. Now you need to convince your prospects to trust you. How? ‘Or’ What ? Here are 4 inevitable steps to convert your prospects into customers! Prerequisite You must ask yourself this question before you even start prospecting. To put the odds on your side and convert your prospects into customers. You must devote your forces to qualified prospects. Whether you cold canvass them or they are sent directly by your marketing department. And there, it is important that the marketing and sales departments are in perfect agreement on what a qualified prospect actually is.

As a salesperson, it has often happened to me to be confronted during a first connection with a qualified prospect that nothing goes as planned. My interlocutor does not know the company for which I work, nor the products it sells … Here, the prospect is therefore not sufficiently qualified and in this case, nobody manages to achieve his objectives. Neither marketing nor sales. The classic discourse opposes marketing and sales. For marketing, sales reps don’t know how to sell to qualified prospects, and for sales, marketing doesn’t do its qualifying job well. This is why, it is necessary to be able to establish a common definition of what is a qualified prospect before thinking of converting him into a customer.

What Is A Good Prospect?

By establishing this definition, you will facilitate the establishment of good practices and exchanges between the two departments will be more harmonious. The first thing to do here is to define the profile of your ideal prospect. Who is the prospect with whom you want to work and with whom you have the best chance of making your collaboration a success? What sector does he work in? In what type of structure? What is its function? His expectations ? The problems they encounter? Then, to optimize your sales prospecting actions and convert your prospects into customers more often, it is important to give priority to the most mature prospects, the most active in their purchase thinking.


Certain behaviors should therefore be followed very closely. Such as, for example, a subscription to the Newsletter coupled with a subscription to the Twitter account or to the company’s LinkedIn page. Navigation on the important pages of your site such as Services or product sheets are also to be taken into account. We are talking about Lead here. Overall, a Lead is a visitor who has identified himself on your site. He subscribed to your newsletter, filled out a contact form, or uploaded a document to your site. Write a reference document for your commercial prospecting. Now that you have determined very precisely the typical profile of a qualified prospect for your business.

Determine The Typical Profile Of A Qualified Prospect

You must establish a document that will serve as a framework for all future actions and reflections. This procedure, which clearly defines the different stages of the life cycle of the qualified prospect, indicates precisely: When and how qualified leads should be passed on to salespeople; The procedures to follow for the first contact; The follow-up actions that must be carried out in your CRM; This document, although edited in conjunction with sales and marketing, is likely to evolve. Do not hesitate to remain open to feedback from field teams. The adjustments and improvements will accompany the first months of the implementation of this procedure, nevertheless keep the original framework so as not to distort the initial positioning.

This document will also help you, during your first analyzes, to identify the inappropriate. Or ineffective actions which prevent you from converting your prospects into customers. 4 steps to convert a prospect into a customer. Set up a Lead Scoring system. In a fairly natural way, each salesperson assigns a color, a number or even a letter to his contacts. This ranking corresponds to the perception of the level of engagement of the prospect in his buying cycle. The whole point of setting up a management system for qualified prospects, between the marketing and sales departments, is to establish a more relevant common reading grid. By applying a simple scoring system to your leads.

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