It is not enough to establish a strategy and invest in the right tools for your digital marketing team to be successful. You also Belize Email List manager. How to manage your digital marketing team? Especially when digital marketing is not your favorite field? Digital marketing is becoming more and more important in your business. At the same time, managing this digital marketing team takes time that you don’t always have. How do you make sure your digital marketing team stays focused and fully efficient? How to fully leverage your investment in a training plan for your digital marketing team? Here are some techniques to make sure your digital marketing team stays motivated, generates ROI, and brings innovative ideas.

Define your short-term digital marketing goals. The establishment of a checklist of actions and objectives is a simple action to put in place. It is not only simple but also terribly effective. It is indeed very effective when it comes to guiding your digital marketing team to establish the priorities to be followed. For this, it is necessary to work with your team to define a 12-month digital marketing action plan that is both measurable and based on concrete deliverables. From this action plan, list what needs to be done each month for your digital marketing team to realistically reach their goals. This results in all the actions to be carried out, week after week to ensure the concrete production of the deliverables.

Here are 4 concrete tips

To ensure effective project management, we advise all of our customers and prospects to use Trello: this project management tool is easy to set up and easy to use. Everyone knows their tasks, their actions, and the deadlines imposed. You thus keep an eye on the schedule and the tasks in progress in a computerized way. However, it is important to do weekly points at the start of the week. Set up rapid monitoring of digital marketing actions. Using your Trello, you can review the goals for the week. Each Monday, ask each team member to develop SMART goals for the week. The achievement of these objectives must lead to the achievement of the digital marketing objectives at 12 months.


The week went by at a steady pace, as usual. On Friday afternoon, take a moment to meet your digital marketing team and review the actions taken. The idea is to make sure that all the tasks for the week have been completed and that there are no particular sticking points. Each week that passes brings you ever closer to the objectives set and participates in the realization of your digital marketing plan at 12 months. Weekly goals allow the digital marketing team to stay on track for a short period of time while helping to achieve 12-month goals. Free up your digital marketing team’s time to innovate. Achieving the objectives set must keep the digital marketing team focused and guide them in each of their actions.

It is a daily reality

Your action plan within 12 months must be realized, but if your digital marketing team cannot lift its head from the handlebars during this period, it risks exhausting itself. Worse still, without having a period of respite, she does not have time to bring a touch of innovation into her daily life. Your digital marketing team may then miss out on interesting new ideas. The world of digital marketing is changing fast. Everyday. Your digital marketing team must therefore monitor regularly to remain efficient. Analyze the digital marketing impact on the sales team. Generally speaking, your digital marketing team is working to make your business money and do it in the most profitable way possible.

For B2B companies, generating income from an online presence involves two steps: The digital marketing department generates Leads and transmits them to the sales department, which signs them as a client. How can your digital marketing team understand if their actions are going in the right direction if they don’t know to what extent their actions are contributing to generating revenue for your business? The key to doing this is quite simple. You need to align digital marketing and sales around common goals. Simple in definition but much more complex in concrete application. How to align your digital marketing team and your sales department? You must set up Smarketing meetings whose conversations will revolve around the generation of Leads.

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