Digital marketing is full of effective levers to attract visitors to your website. Social networks, which in Laos Email List of users, are an inevitable source of traffic. How to attract visitors to your website with social networks? Here are 4 concrete tips. To attract more visitors with social networks, it is essential to know the people you want to reach. To identify all of your potential targets, you need to get the most accurate portrait possible of each of your targets. Do you see me coming? I obviously want to talk about the creation of Persona Marketing. This precise study of your targets allows you to understand the use they make of social networks.

So do not relax your efforts and be patient. Do you have a problem or wish to be supported in the management of your social networks? Enjoy 60 Minutes of Online Coaching: Otherwise, they will throw your Emailings directly in the trash, and worse, they will report you in SPAM thus negatively impacting your future sendings. Beyond mediocre performance, without that, you will act against current legislation such as CNIL or RGPD risking penalties of up to 5% of your turnover…! 5 Steps for Successful B2B Emailing Campaigns: Download our Free White Paper: Costs between 5 times and 10 times more than keeping an existing client. This reality has practical consequences: you must do all you can to retain your customers.

Define your targets

Edit your existing content. If your audience audit reveals that the visitors you are attracting are not qualified, then your messages are not good. To attract more qualified visitors, I, therefore, recommend that you take the content of your website and contextualize it enough so that they speak directly to your target. Use the right distribution channels. It is not enough to have a website and regularly publish content to attract qualified B2B visitors. You need to promote your content using the right levers. The mistake not to make here is to invest in social networks according to trends, fashion, without trying to find out if your target is using them. Also, the influence of your customers on their environment can be very powerful.


When your current customers refer you to their network, the sales effort to turn those contacts into customers will be less important. Do you want to develop your turnover with digital marketing? Opt for Inbound Marketing! This is the best way to attract uninteresting visitors. The study of your personas seen in step 1 should have enabled you to identify the right social networks and other channels – Emailing, advertising, SMS… – to use to attract qualified visitors to your website. Want to Attract More Qualified Visitors to your Website? Switch to Inbound Marketing! If you have this kind of problem too, you probably need a strategy that coordinates all of your content, social media, emailing, and other digital marketing efforts. This strategy is Inbound Marketing.

Work on your editorial line

And therefore you only have to ask yourself who they are: what are their expectations, their behavior, and their needs. The study of the B2B Persona is more complex because it has a personal component, as in B2C, but also a business component. For this last point, we are talking about the Ideal Buyer Profile. In this part, you must determine the characteristics of the company in which your target works. B2B persona and decision-making process. Where the work is even a little more complex for the B2B Persona, is at the level of the decision-making process. If your sales cycle is long and complex, there is a good chance that several people within the company you are prospecting are involved in the thinking and decision-making.

In this case, it is essential to work with different Persona files. How to work well for a B2B Persona? As we have seen, to put it simply, the B2B Persona is the typical profile of your ideal prospect. The B2B Persona brings together the demographic and behavioral criteria that characterize your target. For demographic criteria, you already know them. These are the criteria we have seen previously, regarding the Ideal Buyer Profile. The business sector of the company, its size, its turnover. The function of the decision-maker and the interveners in the decision-making process; Their characteristics as a person (age, salary, problems…). Behavioral criteria are going to take a lot more work from you.

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