With the internet and social media, the purchasing behavior and expectations of your customers have changed dramatically. Today, good Cambodia WhatsApp Number List an adapted digital strategy. In this situation, Inbound Marketing is your best ally!

If you are a regular blog reader, you will know that I am a strong supporter of Inbound Marketing. There are many reasons: Inbound Marketing requires organization, malice, technique, but above all, it is a strategy that allows VSEs / SMEs and other structures with limited budgets to communicate effectively using current levers. .

What is inbound marketing?
Inbound Marketing is a strategy that involves attracting new customers to yourself rather than chasing them. Concretely, Inbound Marketing is a concentrate of actions aimed at attracting Internet users to your website, converting them into prospects before transforming them into customers and retaining them. To find out more, I offer the following resources: How To Attract More Customers In 4 Steps With Inbound Marketing [Video]

how to communicate well on the internet and promote your business
30 key figures that will convince you to switch to inbound marketing
To convince you of the interest that Inbound Marketing represents for you, here is an infographic produced by my colleague ComExplorer which lists 30 key figures.

The first key figure to remember is that 60% of marketers have already adopted inbound marketing . In other words, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you inevitably lose ground on 60% of your competition.

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to switch to inbound marketing: first, 89% of consumers conduct search engine research before making a purchase. How can you meet their need if you are not visible on the web? That’s why 95% of marketers say SEO is a key source of leads.

The key to a successful Inbound Marketing strategy is the creation and delivery of content. Here, too, the figures are not lacking:

70% of consumers prefer to know a brand through articles rather than through advertising;
81% of consumers trust data in blogs;
61% of consumers have already purchased after reading a blog post;
Social networks are also not left out since 64% of consumers say they rely on social networks to make their purchasing decision. Still not convinced to take the plunge? Here is the full infographic.

Inbound Marketing For Dummies

Social networks today occupy a preponderant place in communication. However, to reap the full benefits, you absolutely need to put in place a well-thought-out strategy. How to do ? Here are all the keys to building an effective social media strategy for your business.

Communicating well on social networks is not just about creating a Facebook page and posting your news regularly. To derive all the benefits and significantly develop your turnover with social networks, you must define and implement an adapted strategy: adapted to your objectives, your resources, your targets and their expectations.

How to boost your business with social networks?


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To support you in this crucial step, I wrote a white paper containing all the tips to apply to set up a good communication strategy on social networks: Why is communicating on social networks vital for your business? Which social networks to choose for your business? What content to publish on your social networks?

By downloading this white paper, you will benefit from 25 free pages detailing the methods that allowed my clients to get started effectively on social networks and to attract a significant number of new clients today.

Want to get started on social media but don’t know where to start? Are you already on social networks but it does not bring you anything? Download this white paper and build the communication strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals!

Definition And Best Practices

This is one of the most common problems with my clients: they invest in their communication but their messages do not correspond to their targets …

How can they convince them in this way?

From its creation, Apple made the choice to manufacture products intended for people who do not have great computer skills: what would be the interest for Apple today to communicate on the technical characteristics of its products?

Apple is making another bet in its Marketing strategy.

In each of its advertisements, Apple presents the concrete advantages of its products, the customer benefits: the quality of the camera on its iPhone, the battery life of its MacBook, ease of use, etc.

As an innovative company, there is a sizeable challenge: the buyer does not suspect the existence of a new offer like yours and will therefore not look for you directly on the Internet. It is therefore vital for you to make yourself visible by using the keywords that your target enters in the search engines .

The marketing lesson to take away: make sure your message is understandable by your target audience. All too often, companies’ thinking is biased by their experience and technical knowledge of the market. Language elements are essential for successful communication.

To fully understand this characteristic of buyer psychology and how Apple plays it out in their marketing strategy, watch this video. In this video, I go back to a well-known exercise – “Sell me that pen!” »- to present the Marketing actions to be implemented in order to promote a new product by playing on the buyer’s emotions.

This is, for example, the objective of the traditional Keynotes organized regularly by Apple: the objective is to present, during a worldwide VIP press event, the novelties and to make consumers salivate who will find these products a few days later in the stores. Apple Stores.

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