Traditional prospecting actions have lost in efficiency, forcing you to activate new levers to achieve your Thailand Phone Number List networks… Digital Marketing is a significant source of leads but very often it gets stuck with your salespeople! Buyer behavior has changed dramatically, having a major impact on the effectiveness of traditional prospecting levers used by salespeople. The phoning, door-to-door or trade shows are now totally inadequate with the expectations of the buyer. The buyer conducts the majority of his buying thinking on the Internet alone: ​​he first seeks to validate whether his problem must be absolutely resolved. He then identifies and compares the solutions available to him. He retains the one that seems most relevant to him.

And finally seeks to validate that his choice is the best. In this reflection, the buyer no longer appreciates cold aggressive prospecting, he no longer expects a company to sell but rather that it demonstrates to him throughout its purchasing process that it is. the best to help them solve their problem and achieve their goals. The marketing department has a preponderant role to play here . Aware of these developments, you regularly carry out marketing actions aimed at generating qualified leads for your salespeople . Unfortunately, rather than thanking you for your job, they question the quality of the marketing leads sent. Generally, I see him very regularly in the field, marketing calls into question the skills of salespeople.

You Don’t Align Marketing And Sales

who fail to convert these marketing leads. And there, it clash! To reconcile marketing and sales and especially to allow you to gain in performance, here are 3 reasons that prevent your salespeople from converting your marketing leads. New call-to-action. One of the challenges for businesses today is to align marketing and sales. As we saw in the preamble, marketing is playing an increasingly important role in generating leads. Your website, your e-mailings and your social networks are important sources of leads but to take full advantage of them, it is essential to align your marketing and sales objectives and to define precisely what a qualified prospect is. Very often, I meet marketing directors who are very competent.


But who, for lack of time or opportunities, build and lead their strategy only within their department. However, by virtue of their knowledge of the field, salespeople are a wealth of information that should not be overlooked. If your salespeople are having trouble converting your marketing leads. It’s most likely because you haven’t defined the typical profile of the ideal prospect together. It often happens that marketing relies on an approach. Certainly relevant, of the marketing persona to build its strategy but it is essential to couple it with the real vision of the salespeople.

Your Marketing Leads Are Not Sufficiently Nourished

As we have seen previously, the buyer conducts most of his purchase thinking on his own. And searches for information on the internet for this. The buyer no longer expects you to sell your solution. But rather that you demonstrate that you are really looking to solve their problem. In this situation, you must offer your prospects quality content to allow them. To move forward in their thinking and make a decision. The good one preferably! We’re talking about Lead Nurturing here . Remember, the buyer only accepts the salesperson’s contact – and often even contacts him himself – when validating his final decision. If your salespeople fail to convert your marketing leads.

It is likely that they did not have enough opportunity to view relevant content from you and that they do not position you today fully as the expert. to whom to trust. When a company contacts me to tell me about their marketing lead conversion problem, very often they don’t pass them on to sales reps at the right time. Salespeople can’t convert marketing leads that aren’t in the buying decision phase in the short term. Quite often, marketing actually confuses Leads with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). A lead is a prospect who has expressed an interest in your business by having interacted with one or more of your content. He downloaded a white paper or clicked in one of your e-mailings for example.

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