Imagine not “a show” but THE big show, the one in which more than 5000 professionals will come to Macedonia Phone Number List your clients! Your stand is ready and waiting for visitors.

You would like to be able to meet them all, talk to them, make appointments with them to make them your next signatures! The only big problem is that the show only lasts one day and you are all alone at your stand.

Your website works in the same way: in the case of a very large number of visits, the logic of marketing automation allows you to receive virtually all these visitors but above all to create a first exchange with added value.

Better still, with Marketing Automation software, you can automate the first reminders for making appointments. Thus, you can for example configure your Marketing Automation software so that it sends a new e-mail 3 days after the first contact with the prospect, and this taking into account the context of each visitor: pages visited, links clicked, videos watched …

Thanks to marketing automation, you can process a large number of requests and prospect more widely without increasing the number of sales department resources.

With Marketing Automation, you save time, are more productive and more efficient. Marketing automation enriches the customer experience.
By setting up your marketing automation tool, you will fight body and soul against chance. Indeed, one of the objectives of Marketing Automation is to send the right message, at the right time and via the right channel. Chance (or luck, whatever you want to call it) does not exist when you use your Marketing Automation software optimally!

Marketing Automation Makes It Easier For Salespeople

In other words, your customers will have to be approached at the key moment of their day and according to the issues / areas of interest that are specific to them. For example, we will be able to target “young dynamic executives” in the Paris region by giving them an idea for an outing on a Thursday evening on their Facebook thread between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Ultimately, by analyzing the performance of your communications (type of message, time, frequency and channel chosen) you will improve the engagement of your target by optimizing your sequences in your Marketing Automation software. These analyzes are essential to enrich your customers’ experience with your brand, your products and services.

To fully exploit Marketing Automation, you must therefore be on constant alert to build the best scenarios and optimize them if necessary!


When to contact or call back a prospect? This question often comes up when the client has not clearly expressed their need or the identification work is not done effectively.

Once integrated into your marketing automation scenario, your prospect will receive various communications (email, newsletters, SMS, invitation to a conference, etc.) and behave in relation to it that you will be able to study according to:

prospect activity: email open rate, number of pages viewed, time spent on each page, etc.
the prospect’s commitment: completed contact form, request for a telephone meeting, registration for a conference, etc.
The lead scoring, which results from this analysis, will allow you to identify the position of prospects in their intention to purchase.

Properly Identify Your Personas

Concretely, according to a ranking system ( lead scoring ), you can automatically determine who should be contacted in priority , which is an excellent help for salespeople.

The other benefit for the sales department is the ability to consult the history of the prospect’s activity according to his navigation and the actions he has taken on your site directly from your Marketing Automation software. He can therefore easily open the discussion and target the relevant topics.

This ranking, coupled with the logic of Marketing Automation, also has the advantage of identifying and nurturing prospects less advanced in their purchasing cycle. This lead scoring logic therefore offers salespeople the opportunity to focus on hot prospects!

Marketing automation is therefore a good solution to increase your presence with all of your target customers and prospects.

Indeed, marketing automation is there to perform repetitive tasks for you that would take you several hours to do manually!

However, in order to ensure that you achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself by customer segment, keep in mind that marketing automation is only one part of the Inbound Marketing approach .

How to get started with Marketing Automation?
In order to define your objectives and be sure to bring value to your customers in all your exchanges based on marketing automation, you will first have to work on the following points:

create optimized content for the web
create quality emails for each of your target customers and prospects
This preparation and reflection work carried out upstream will help you structure your Inbound Marketing strategy, will bring you visibility and prospects.

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