Without a doubt, tiktok is a social network with many tools to take advantage of. Where hundreds of influencers have applied differentiation strategies that have helped them build a space that has thousands and in some cases millions of followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tiktokers who earn the most money are considered true celebrities. Do you know tiktok celebrities? I brought you a list so you can discover which are the 25 tiktokers that earn the most money and so you can have an idea about who earns the most on tik tok ? And how much do you earn for tiktok? Next i show you the most popular tiktokers. Addison rae easterling: the queen of monetization one of the geniuses to create fun and entertaining dance videos. She also stands out for promoting and creating her own brands.

A company of content creators

Among which stand out:  for tiktok, “hype house”, in addition to her own line of makeup. Item beauty”; created in conjunction with the beauty company “madeby”. Thanks to all A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers these sponsorships. Collaborations and new ventures, according to forbes, addison rae easterling, had an approximate profit of 5 million dollars in the last year . If you were wondering who earns more on tiktok? Addison takes the spot. What nobody tells you 2. Charli d’amelio: the bermuda triangle of engagement owner of the most followed account on tiktok (around 100 million followers). At just 16 years old, she has managed to position herself as one of the richest young women.

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Since it began

With a profit in the last year of about 4 million dollars. In june 2019, with viral dance videos. It has not stopped, managing to be invited by bebe rexha to one of her shows ATB Directory with the jonas brothers and on the variety show. Known worldwide as the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. She has also done endorsements for brands like prada and eos. 5 powerful reasons to generate engagement 3. Dixie d’amelio: a popstar who sweeps views charli d’amelio’s older sister has not been far behind, her tiktok account already has 34.6 million followers. And unlike her sister, she is forging her own path in the music industry.

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