On the internet, the key to a successful communication strategy is content. To gain visibility and attract new customers, you Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List content. For this, the blog is an essential tool. How to write a blog post? Here are 21 tips and tricks for writing the perfect blog post!

You can have the most beautiful pen in the world and write articles worthy of the greatest authors … If your blog article is not optimized for the web, it will not be visible and therefore not read! Don’t despair, there is nothing complicated and your articles will not lose quality.

Like any blogger, I started writing blog articles about ten years ago, focusing on the quality of my sentences and the content of my writing rather than on the rules mostly dictated by search engines, Google in the lead.

After a few weeks, I started to feel some frustration since I spent hours writing a blog article that was only read by a dozen people, probably loyal friends or my family… That’s it. was on a personal level so I imagine your frustration if you use your blog in order to develop your turnover!

Today, my blog posts allow me to attract an average of 10,000 visitors per month and receive requests for quotes on a daily basis. It interests you ? Do you also want to develop your turnover thanks to the blog? Here are 21 tips and tricks for writing the perfect blog post!

21 tips and tricks for writing the perfect blog post
A blog article consists of 4 key parts: the URL (the internet address of the article), the title, the body and the footer.

The address of your blog post, its URL, is important for your SEO. Concretely, the URL of your blog post must be optimized for search engines. For this you must:

Tip # 1 – Use Relevant Keywords: Keywords are the words your customers use on the search engines.
Tip # 2 – Use a Short URL: The shorter the URL, the easier it is for your customers to remember and type. Sharing a short URL is also favored on social networks.
The title of your blog post
The success of your blog post directly depends on the relevance of its title. The title is the first thing the reader sees and it is it that makes them want or not to click to read more. To optimize the title of your blog post, you can:

How To Write A Blog Post

Tip # 3 – Define a clear and concise article title: your title must be around sixty characters to be optimal and in particular to be fully displayed in search engines.
Tip # 4 – Use Numbers: Numbers are concrete and mysterious. Hence the title of this article … And if you are there, you clicked right?
Tip # 5 – Write a negative article title: Studies show that a negative headline gets 60% more clicks than a positive headline. As proof, one of my most read articles is ” Content Marketing: 7 mistakes you all make!” ”
The body of your blog post
With the previous two steps, you have caught the reader. Now we have to keep him and encourage him to take action. Either by consulting another page of your website, by performing a specific action (purchase, request for a quote, contact …) or even by sharing your blog article. For this you must:

Tip # 6 – Use Pictures and Videos: With smartphones and tablets, visuals play a huge role in the success of a blog post. Besides, this one is lacking …
Tip # 7 – Write Long Articles: Studies show that the most effective blog posts are 3,000-10,000 words long, and top 10 Google blog posts are at least 2,000 words long.
Tip # 8 – Use the right keywords: don’t be afraid of repetitions! To be well referenced in search engines, your blog article must regularly include your keywords. Do not go overboard either, your article must be readable!


Tip # 9 – Be Authentic: Your blog post should clearly reflect who you are, your values, your strengths and your weaknesses. The goal is to build a human relationship with your readers!
Tip # 10 – Linking: To rank well, your blog post should contain internal and / or external links.
Tip # 11 – Respond to a Problem: Blog posts that solve a problem, like this one, are more shared than others.
Tip # 12 – Use a call-to-action: a call-to-action is a button that will encourage people to take action and therefore stay on your site. As below!

The footer
The footer is for you the opportunity to retain your reader by directing them to another page of your website. To do this, here are the opportunities available to you:

Tip # 13 – Submit related articles: If your reader liked your blog post, offer to read another one on the same topic.
Tip # 14 – Highlight an author’s presentation: Tell more about yourself by posting a mini-biography of the blog post writer. This biography will encourage the reader to contact you.
Tip # 15 – Suggest subscribing to your newsletter: your reader is leaving you? By offering him to subscribe to your newsletter, you optimize your chances of seeing him return!
Bonus: Best Practices for Writing the Perfect Blog Post
Beyond the text itself, there are other best practices that will maximize the visibility of your blog post. To attract more readers to your blog, you can:

The Url Of Your Blog Post

Tip # 16 – Publish your article at the right time: Your experience will allow you to define the times when your readers are most receptive. For example, in B2B, you can probably avoid Saturday or Sunday …
Tip # 17 – Install social media sharing buttons
Tip # 18 – Improve the design of your blog: An aesthetic blog where navigation is simple and well thought out attracts more than a tea towel.
Tip # 19 – Build Your Social Media Community: Your social media fans / followers are all potential readers.
Tip # 20 – Analyze Your Traffic: With Google Analytics, you have the ability to see which articles are buzzing and which articles are flopping. This information will allow you to refine your editorial line.
write a blog post – my tips and tricks

The perfect blog post is written with the heart!
This is the 21st tip, the last but arguably the most important. The previous 20 tips are essential for writing a blog post that gets read. However, it is important not to fall into extremes.

First, because Google does not like us to do everything to fool it. Then because, much more than Google, it is your readers that you must convince. So put all your heart into writing your blog post and do everything to add value to your readers.

If 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a brand through a blog rather than through an advertisement, it is for the added value that the content brings. The days of 100% promo content are over. To attract new customers, you have to invest yourself fully.
For your Facebook campaign to be a success, your Facebook page must already be dynamic. If the last publication was 3 years ago, the results will be worse than if you have a regular publication schedule.

To go further, Facebook is only a lever of your communication and it is therefore important to integrate Facebook Ads campaigns into your entire communication strategy to take full advantage of them.

Let’s not forget that long before being a marketing tool, Twitter was a social network. And who says social says interaction! Communicating well on Twitter means interacting with your community and in this process, surveys are essent.

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