How to develop your activity in the age of the Internet and social networks? Here are 21 concrete tips to make the web your best growth lever. The Italy WhatsApp Number List behavior and expectations of your customers. Internet and social networks have made them more demanding and autonomous in their thinking.

So how do you generate business in this context? Clearly, picking up your phone or bombarding your database with prospecting emails is no longer enough. Before making a purchasing decision, a customer does some research. For that, he has all the information he needs just a click away.

Referencing your website well in B2B is essential. To develop your business today, you have to be visible on the Internet.In B2B, the decision maker performs an average of 12 searches on Google before contacting a company. The same is true for the consumer in B2C.

To develop your business, you must therefore do everything to grab the attention of your customers and encourage them to take action. This goes through 4 key stages.

The 4 steps to develop your business with the Internet
If you want to sustainably develop your business, it is important that you succeed in:

Attract qualified visitors to your website;
Turn them into qualified leads;
Convert them into customers;
Retain them (and make them ambassadors);
SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps
The 4 steps to develop your business with the Internet
In this article, we will see 21 concrete tips that will allow you to develop your business sustainably. These tips will be classified according to the 4 steps that we have just seen.

Step 1: Attract qualified visitors to your site
# 1 – Create content with high added value
This is the major issue to take up if you want to develop your business.

The Crisis Linked To The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Made Them More Cautious

Since your customers think online, you need to offer them content that answers their questions or provides solutions to their problems. In this process, it is interesting to add a blog to your website .

The blog allows you to attract qualified audiences. Businesses with a blog get 77% more traffic than those without. With us, the blog is our main source of business: every month it generates nearly 80,000 visits and more than 600 qualified prospects.

# 2 – Promote your content on social networks
Over 2 billion people have active social media accounts and are logged in 2-3 hours a day. Social media are therefore relevant levers for attracting more traffic and finding new customers. The key to developing your business with social networks is to choose them well and follow good practices. Here is a complete guide to generating business with social media:


New call-to-action
# 3 – Work on SEO to be visible
93% of online experiences start with search engines. Google in the lead. Developing your business today starts with being visible on these engines.

SEO allows you to implement actions aimed at improving your ranking in search engines . Generally, an effective online business generates between 50 and 80% of its traffic thanks to SEO.

# 4 – Solicit influencers
Developing your business with the Internet when you start from 0, you are not going to lie to each other, that takes time. But you can speed up the machine.

For this, I suggest you contact influencers . Influencers have a qualified, engaged audience that you can in turn attract. To publicize your activity through influencers, I suggest you start with this video:

# 5 – invest in online advertising
Usually, when you’re looking to develop your business, you’re in a hurry.Most of the tips we see in this article take more or less time. This is not the case with this one.

Through online advertising – Google Ads , Facebook Ads , LinkedIn Ads , YouTube Ads etc… – you can generate business opportunities instantly.

Generating Business Requires A Good Online Presence

You create your campaign, you set your budget and let’s go. In this regard, retargeting is a relevant solution. I recommend that you dig it. To put it simply, retargeting allows you to better target your audience thanks to browsing histories.

Step 2: Convert your visitors into qualified leads
# 6 – Direct traffic through Call-to-Action
The Call-to-Action are call buttons action. 70% of companies do not have an identifiable Call-to-Action on their home page. However, Call-to-Action is essential to convert its audience.The majority of companies fail to generate business opportunities with their website for this reason.

Look: You go to great lengths to attract visitors to your website. You have traffic, it is viewing your pages. If you don’t have a call-to-action button, what will happen? Your visitors will leave as they came, without leaving a trace.

15 tips for creating an effective call-to-action
# 7 – Provide downloadable content offers
Downloadable content like ebooks generate 3 times more leads than traditional marketing actions and cost 62% less.

It makes you think isn’t it?You will thus retrieve the contact details of your most qualified visitors and you can then contact them to generate business.

Here is an example:

how to communicate well on the internet and promote your business
# 8 – Create Landing Pages
The Landing Page is a page created specifically for each of your web marketing actions, in particular to offer downloadable content.

# 9 – Create Opt-In forms to boost conversions
Opt-In forms are one of the most relevant levers for obtaining leads from your website. Studies show that using these forms appropriately can increase your conversion rate by 1000%. 1000%, you are not dreaming!

To make your forms successful, here is a complete guide.
# 10 – Highlight customer testimonials
Publishing customer testimonials significantly increases the impact of your marketing actions. Indeed, 88% of people trust testimonials and take them into consideration in their purchasing decision.

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