Sometimes you don’t need to attract more visitors to generate more leads: improving your conversion rate may be enough to achieve your goals. In all cases, your Paraguay Email List marketing strategy. It is therefore essential to optimize it. Too many businesses make the mistake of investing time and money in a never-ending quest for visitors. To be honest, it’s a natural reflex and I sometimes fall into the trap. The problem is, getting more visitors to your website takes time. You need to create content and improve your website’s SEO. Worse, it does not guarantee that you will generate proportionately more leads. The best way to generate more leads in the short term is therefore to improve your conversion rate.

How to do it? B2B Metric presents in an infographic the 16 ways to improve the conversion rate of your website to B2B. New call-to-action. Track all the data at your disposal: 42% of B2B marketers say a lack of data prevents them from generating leads. Secure your website: equip your website with an SSL certificate. Speed ​​up the loading speed of your website: 40% of visitors leave a website after 3 seconds of loading. Write a clear title: The title of your page plays a crucial role in lead generation. Think about added value! Integrate call-to-action buttons into your pages. Reassure the visitor with testimonials or certifications: the B2B buyer must validate that you are trustworthy.

How To Improve Your B2B Conversion Rate

The techniques aim to attract qualified traffic to a website, convert it into leads, and fuel the reflection of these leads to bring them to maturity. We are talking about Inbound Marketing. To industrialize lead generation, the modern marketer must know how to use a marketing automation tool that will allow him to automate all low value-added actions and allocate the time saved to the implementation of strategic actions. Marketing automation also allows the modern marketer to demonstrate the return on investment of his strategy: he is able to present with one click how many visitors, how many leads, and how many customers have generated his actions. Have an analytical mind. In my opinion, the modern marketer is a scientist.


I am not saying here that it is necessary to have done a BAC S and Math Sup / Math Spé to be a good marketer. What I mean is that the world is changing so quickly and the options are so numerous that the modern marketer must know how to analyze each of their actions to optimize their marketing strategy as they go. What works today won’t work tomorrow. It’s a certainty. The expectations and behaviors of the buyer change every day. It is important to follow the right performance indicators to validate that the marketing actions put in place will allow you to achieve your objectives. The modern marketer has a crazy chance: unlike the traditional marketer who communicates on paper.

Adapt your website to mobile browsing

42% of B2B Internet searches are done from a mobile device. Or in the media, he has tools allowing him to track everything that happens on his website in real-time. The modern marketer must take advantage of this windfall to build the perfect marketing strategy. Want to Become the Perfect Modern Marketer? Switch to Inbound Marketing: Olivier shares news on social media and entrepreneurship on Twitter. He also hosts an “Influence” Podcast that I highly recommend you listen to! Julien Bonnel – JBonnel. Julien is the team captain. He’s been on Twitter since 2008 and I admire the consistency and variety of his posts. On Twitter, Julien speaks among other things about Innovation, Customer Relations, Internet Mobile, and Retail.

And that, I adore! If you want to tweet on topics related to digital marketing and social selling, follow Stefanie. Danilo Duchesnes – DaniloDuchesnes. Danilo, this is the team’s great hope. I discovered him a few months ago and am amazed at his level of knowledge regarding digital marketing and specifically marketing on Facebook. Danilo reminds me of the Vincent from a few years ago quoted above. He is Belgian but the quality of his publications means that he must have been on my list of 23! Olivier Monteux – OMonteux. Olivier is the CEO of the Social Media Pro agency. He is very present on social networks and, like me, he loves to exchange and share his knowledge.

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