Brand Content , or brand content, is today the central element of a successful communication strategy. However, creating South Africa WhatsApp Number List results. It is necessary to build a relevant strategy. Here’s an infographic outlining the 11 steps for effective content marketing.

Companies are gradually becoming aware of the importance of content in their communication strategy. Inbound Marketing has reached their ears and the promise of attracting new customers has captured their full attention.

Some have studied the subject in depth, others have contented themselves with the broad outlines: create a blog, create profiles on social networks, create content and distribute it on the platforms mentioned. It’s not sufficient !

As with everything, effective content marketing is first and foremost a strategy that has been worked out down to the smallest detail. To help you in this process, I offer you an infographic edited by OpenView presenting the 11 steps to follow for content marketing that meets your expectations:

Content Marketing In 11 Steps

1 – Understand your targets
To build an effective content strategy, you must first know your targets. To satisfy her audience, to hold her attention, it is essential to know what she is looking for, what she likes and what she needs.

2 – Find your Web Content Manager
Who says strategy says manager. You need to find the person who will have the qualities required to build, implement and follow your content strategy. Maybe you already have this person internally. Otherwise, you will have to subcontract or hire …


The qualities required for a good Web Content Manager: editorial skills of course, knowledge of SEO, experience in web marketing, mastery of social media and analytical tools. Do you need a Web Content Manager? Contact me !

3 – Create a community
Alone, the Web Content Manager will not always be able to meet the challenge. It all depends on the structure of your business, your needs and expectations, the market or even the competition, but often a community will be necessary. It can be made up of collaborators, influencers or freelance web editor (here too you can contact me !). You also need to inspire your fans and followers to naturally create content for your brand and share it.

4 – Create viral content
You need to create content that will be easily shared on social media. This content must be relevant and accessible.To go further: How to create viral content in 6 steps

Infographic Content Marketing

5 – Recycle!
Have you spent the time creating great content? Reuse it! Don’t wear it too much either …

6 – Analyze your conversions
Make sure that each of your content includes a call-to-action, an orientation encouraging the reader to take action: request a quote, more information, to be contacted, an appointment …

7 – Distribute its content
The distribution of your content also requires a whole strategy. You must define the platforms on which to distribute it but also the people who will help you in this process: influencers, partners …

For example, you can distribute your content on social networks, in a newsletter or on your website.

8 – Define a frequency
Brand Content does not work in one-shot. It is important to be regular in these actions and to schedule the creation / distribution of content. Don’t have eyes bigger than your stomach. Think about the resources you have.

9 – Formalize your strategy
You must write down your strategy in black and white. After you’ve experienced the best ways to create and publish content, do some procedures.

10 – Measure the impact of your actions
You must determine performance indicators allowing you to monitor the progress of your objectives. Create reports and summaries that allow you to constantly improve your content marketing strategy.

11 – Take stock
Take stock of your actions regularly. A weekly or monthly point coupled with a quarterly or annual point. Find the frequency that will allow you to progress and adjust your content strategy.

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