Same principle as on Buzzsumo, you enter the theme that interests you and Übersuggest provides you with a list of Sri Lanka Phone Number List search engines around it. By using Übersuggest you are sure to write an article that will interest your audience.

Configure your monitoring with Feedly. Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator. Concretely, Feedly allows you to group and classify all your sources in a single interface in order to be informed in real time as soon as a new article is published.

find inspiration for your blog. What is not bad is that Feedly displays next to each article the number of views from the platform. So you can quickly identify the topics that appeal to you and those that appeal less!

Take a tour of the competition. If you are lacking inspiration for your blog, so are your competitors. But hopefully, they won’t run out of inspiration along with you! So take a look at their blog and study the topics that your competitors have dealt with recently.

By analyzing the number of shares and comments, you will be able to define which articles have performed better than the others and you will undoubtedly find ideas for articles for your blog!

Subscribe to newsletters. We are not here in the same spirit as the previous sources of inspiration. To find inspiration and continue to feed your blog effectively, I recommend that you sign up for newsletters in your field of activity.

Thus, you will receive regular updates in your inbox from the blogs you have subscribed to. This will allow you to easily identify trends and find ideas for articles for your blog without too much effort.

Sources Of Inspiration To Feed Your Blog

Inspiration Sweep the hashtags on Twitter. As you know, Twitter is the popular social network for its users to stay informed. Suddenly, users regularly relay on Twitter the fruits of their vigil and the articles that caught their attention. To do this, they use hashtags (hashtags) which allow them to connect their tweets to all users of social networks.

It is a great source of inspiration for your blog. For my part, by entering Inbound Marketing which is one of my favorite themes, I find all the articles that have been shared on Twitter with the hashtag #InboundMarketing. find blog post ideas on Twitter.


Based on the number of retweets, the number of shares and favorites, I am able to determine the articles that work the best and therefore find ideas for articles that are relevant to my blog. Take a social media survey.
It is not a question here of asking your fans and subscribers on social networks which topic dealt with on your blog. Although it works naturally….

In fact, here, it’s about asking your audience a key question that will allow you to then publish an article to deepen the conclusions arising from the results.

For example, I recently ran a Twitter poll in which I asked my followers for their thoughts on the evolution of Twitter. The aim of this poll was to reveal that Twitter users were increasingly tending to favor form over substance.

How to communicate well on Twitter – the survey

The results of this survey and the ensuing discussions with my subscribers allowed me to review my way of communicating on Twitter but also to identify a relevant article topic that I recently published: 12 best practices to follow to communicate better on Twitter

Open your eyes! One of the qualities required to be successful in writing web content effectively is attention. You have to be aware of what is going on around you.

The slightest remark from your customers, your employees, your thoughts, the problems you encounter are all sources of inspiration to feed your blog. As proof, this is how I defined the theme of today’s blog post!

BONUS: Work on an editorial calendar for your blog!
To avoid being like me in the trouble every week to find an idea for an article for your blog, I strongly advise you to regularly work on a monthly editorial calendar in which you will list the articles to write for the following month! Now get to work!

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