Wassup dudes ! Have you taken it easy on Twitter and want to become a Trending Topics Master Killer? No worries, I’ll give you 10 tips to tweet like a boss. Good already, I will frame the debates! If you’re the kind of Qatar WhatsApp Number List his house and spends his days watching Motus, Slam, and Numbers and Letters, chances are you won’t get half of what I do. will tell you! But don’t let go of the Uncle case, hang on!

There is nothing crazy about creating an account on Twitter, it’s not complicated. The hottest thing is to nab subscribers and get Retweeted! Already, you have to be patient. Then, your tweet must bring something to the community, added value as we say in the jargon! For all that, I’m going to give you 10 tips for tweeting like a boss:

1 – Why are you doing this?
The first thing to do before you start on Twitter is to ask yourself why you signed up? To tweet like a boss, you need to have goals to achieve in order to get results. If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’re not on Twitter just to talk to your friends. You want more than that. You want to be on top of the top. But on top of what? This is the real question!

Me, if I am on Twitter it is to share on the areas that I master: marketing and communication. I want to learn about the subject and pass on my knowledge. So my goal is to reach as many people as possible involved in marketing and communication. And then we will not kid ourselves, you saw! If I do that, it’s also for my job and for my image! I want to have an expert image and be recognized for my skills. My goal is to develop my personal brand image, my Personal Branding.

You Can Have Multiple Goals

2 – Complete your profile
As I told you, creating an account on Twitter is not complicated. But there are a few rules to follow! If you want people to cling to your blase, you have to make them want it. Your account must be clean, attractive and give information about you. Who are you ? Where are you from and why should I follow you?

How to fill out your Twitter account. Already, I put a profile picture! Not to be the handsome kid saw you, but because a face leads to more engagement on social networks. We talk to a real person, it’s more interesting.

Then I put a cover photo, something stylish in the same color as the theme of my profile. And I filled in my description. I’m in the business of web marketing and social media communication. Well I indicate it! And I indicate what I’m doing and why I’m on Twitter. That way you know everything. If that interests you you follow me otherwise you trace!


3 – Disseminate content
Telling your life is not enough on Twitter. Keep this for your friends on Facebook. To tweet like a boss, you need to tweet interestingly. You have to use Twitter to relay content related to your goals and the people you are targeting.

Are you like me, are you in web marketing? Distribute articles offering best practices on internet marketing, infographics on social networks, Social Media news… You have to find content that will bring added value to your target.

Your content should either inform, entertain, learn or cultivate. Like are you on Twitter to get more people to your food blog? Tweet your articles but not only! Tweet about recipes, tips and tricks that cooking fans will love.

But You Need At Least One

4 – Use the #Hashtag
If you take a good look at the tweets I put above, you’ll see #BrandContent #InboundMarketing and all. These are hashtags. Hashtags are used to underline the subject of your tweet and allow it to position it in discussions on the same topic.

I’ll take an example: you love this article, you tell yourself you’re going to tweet it. You click on the Twitter share button. Don’t forget to add a #Twitter! This way, it’s not just your followers who will see your tweet, but also all those looking for information on Twitter. You definitely increase your visibility and your chances of being retweeted.

You can even create your own #Hashtag! This will allow you to follow all the discussions concerning a specific topic. Imagine, you are a photographer. You are exhibiting in 3 weeks in a workshop in your city. Create a #Hashtag with the name of your exhibition to relay the dates and conditions of access. You will be able to see by typing a request on this hashtag which speaks about your exhibition!

Do not fall into excess! We generally recommend putting 2 to 3 hashtags in a tweet. Don’t abuse sharps!

5 – Quality, not quantity!
As often, it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity! Avoid polluting your subscribers’ timeline with unimportant tweets every 30 seconds. Choose the content you broadcast well, work your tweets well.

If you’re too active, you’ll get your audience drunk and they’ll leave you. If you’re not enough, they’ll forget you and find another guy to follow. We have to find the right balance!

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