Your marketing plan should allow you to put in place a suitable strategy to generate more leads and convert them into customers. This is Malaysia Email List B2B marketing plan? Here are the 10 essential ingredients. To make an effective B2B marketing plan, it is essential to start by defining your goals. This is not just a question of writing a line explaining that you want to sell more, gain notoriety or increase your turnover. You need to set specific goals. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, A enables, R éalistes, and limited in time. We are talking about SMART goals. Without a goal, you will not be able to determine the marketing strategy.

The marketing budget is essential to work on an effective B2B marketing plan. I meet a lot of B2B companies, marketers, who don’t have a specific budget to carry out their actions. These marketers need to think about actions and drip the budget. Marketing doesn’t work like that in B2B. To generate a return on investment with B2B marketing, it is important to pursue a strategy of at least 12 months. The budget is essential for that. Note that logically, your marketing plan should allow you to obtain this budget from your general manager. You People. For your marketing strategy to be effective in B2B, you must know very precisely who your target is.

About Your SMART goals

It is not enough here to determine the type of business targeted, the function of the person, the sector of activity, or even the turnover. that will allow you to generate a return on your investment. With the Internet and social networks, we have entered the era of Business Human marketing. Your marketing strategy should allow you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. In this process of ultra-personalization of your marketing actions, it is essential to know the needs, expectations, areas of interest, issues, and behaviors of your targets. For this, it is inevitable to work your Personas. Your marketing and sales alignment actions. The B2B decision-maker requires marketing to work with the sales department.


He now wishes to carry out his buying thinking alone and at his own pace. He no longer agrees to speak to a salesperson before having a clear idea of ​​the solution he needs. In this situation, marketing must grab the attention of the internet decision-maker and generate qualified and mature leads that they will pass on to salespeople for conversion into customers. It is essential here to align the objectives, expectations, and actions of the marketing and sales departments. The levers to be operated. The 4 previous ingredients should allow you to determine the levers to operate in your marketing plan. You know your target, you know their behavior and you know how much lead volume you need to generate for your salespeople.

Your marketing budget

In a B2B marketing plan, we generally find the following levers: The creation of content and the animation of the website; Social networks. Natural referencing (SEO). L’Emailing; Advertising campaigns; You can also integrate more traditional levers such as breakfasts or trade shows into your marketing plan. Your calendar of actions. Now that you have integrated the levers to be operated into your B2B marketing plan, you must determine how to operate them. The key here is to work into your marketing plan to schedule your actions over the next 12 months minimum. The tools to use. There are more than 7000 tools for a successful B2B digital marketing strategy. Of course, you can’t use them all. For reasons of cost, skills, time, or even performance.

Multiplying the tools is multiplying the risks. To make an effective B2B marketing plan, it is essential to identify the best marketing tools that will allow you to achieve your goals. Your performance indicators. In B2B marketing, you can only analyze what you measure. In other words, to generate leads and win customers with B2B marketing, it is essential to analyze your actions in real-time. To do this successfully, you must identify in your marketing plan the performance indicators to follow to verify that your actions will allow you to achieve your objectives. Performance indicators will also allow you to optimize your actions and therefore your return on investment.

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